69 Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

In this article, we have listed down the 69 hottest anime girls of all time. The digits in front of the titles do not truly indicate a ranking because they are not intended to be presented in any particular order. You will discover a little bit about each person and their origins.

In terms of anime, the girls in the various series can, of course, be both stunning and extremely attractive. I guess it depends on one’s particular preferences. Not everybody can appreciate the beauty of anime characters, notably those from Japan. However, if you fall into the category of those who do, you’ve come to the right spot because this article—or, to be even more accurate, the list—is ideal for you. We’ll be bringing you a total of 69 of the sexiest anime women from various series, motion pictures, ONA, and OVA.

69 Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time
69 Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time


As previously said, there will be a total of 69 names listed, but they will be published in a random sequence, so the numbers don’t indicate any sort of ranking.



Yoruichi Shihin is a secondary character in the Bleach series. In the manga, Yoruichi Shihin emerges as a black cat with a man’s voice in the anime. The 22nd ruler of the Shihin family, one of several noble houses of Soul, is finally exposed to also be a female, a retired special operations agent, a commander of the 2nd Division, as well as a previous special operations agent. She ran away from society after Kisuke Urahara was imprisoned. She has not been seen fighting with her Zanpakut. Whenever she evolves into a cat, she is considered Kisuke Urahara’s closest buddy.



NAMI is from one piece series Bellmer, a navy lieutenant, adopted Nami and her half-sister Nojiko when they were infants. The three settled down at Coco, a town in the East Sea’s Orange Archipelago. Eight years later, unfortunately, the fish-man pirate Arlong attacked the hamlet, captured everything with his crew, and enforced high taxes on the locals. Bellmer, being unable to pay for both her and the two children, was killed by the pirate, altering the course of the daughters’ lives. The crew’s logo was later tattooed on Nami’s arm when Arlong took her hostage and had her serve as their cartographer.



Winry rockbell is from the Fullmetal Alchemist series. The two Elric brothers’ long-time friend Winry Rockbell also works as Edward Elric’s mechanic. Scar, an Ishbal patient, someone they had fortunately treated, killed her family during the Ishbal War, so she was left without her parents. She has a passion for automails and finally decides to go to Rush Valley in terms of enhancing herself at creating effective automails and assisting Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric as much as possible by sobbing and screaming the majority of the time. She worries a lot about them.



A fictitious character from the Naruto manga and anime series is named Sakura Haruno. Despite not being the original plan, she ended up being the series’ major heroine. Her large forehead and other physical traits, such as how difficult it was for Kishimoto to design her at the beginning of the series, came from this.



The Anime character Shion Karanomori is from Psycho-Pass. Sibyl offered her the job of public security professional; she is also in charge of overseeing and looking after the BSP as a secret criminal. She calls Inspector Tsunemori “Akane-chan” in humor. She has a deep bond with Executioner Kunizuka.



Faye Valentine is from the anime and manga series Cowboy Bebop. Young Faye Valentine is just concerned about making money. Her dyed hair is waist length, and she is dressed in a scarlet corset above a modest yellow attire. She is also wearing a black thong bodysuit. Just at the start of Episode # 15, men in jackets can be seen holding a block wherein the Faye is cryogenic. She wakes in 2068 in great health but absolutely with no memory. After making his getaway, she searches the universe in her Redtail, stealing from some of those she encounters to pay off her obligations until losing all of her cash at the racetrack.



Akame is from the Akame ga kill series. The Night Raid is mainly composed of Akame. She was raised in an exclusive assassin unit that the government had established to further its objectives. Since they were little, she and her little sister have been raised separately. She eventually encounters Najenda following several missions. Following Najenda’s persuasion, Akame makes her opinions known by enrolling in Night Raid. She is the party’s most powerful figure and a true master in the use of a sword. Her appetite is the one and only thing that rivals akame skill.



Lucy Heartfilia aspires to join Fairy Tail, the most well-known guild in the Fiore empire, and with Natsu’s help, she will indeed be able to accomplish it. It is a constellation that uses mystical keys that each represent a constellation to call upon spirits. Despite being a little bashful, she can be frightening to Natsu.



Asuka langley soryu is from the rebuild of Evangelion films. Asuka Langley Soryu is a self-assured, energetic teen who is indeed both charming and extremely arrogant. She is a talented young woman and an extraordinary pilot who works for the covert organization NERV to battle demons called “Angels” using the Evangelion EVA-02, a weapon that resembles a massive robot.



Erza scarlet is from the fairy tale series. She is referred to as “the Queen of the fairies” and given the term “Titania” due to her power and gigantic mind, possibly in tribute to the queen of the fairies Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She is despised by many Fairy Tail members for her roughness. If someone forbids her from consuming strawberry cakes, she might eat them all and lose control. On her left arm, on a blue patch, is the Fairy Tail logo.



Yaoyorozu Momo is from my hero academia. The class 1-A deputy head, who received fewer votes than Midoriya, was also one of the four candidates. She can construct any substance or inanimate thing from her bare skin owing to her Quirk Creativity; to accomplish this, her body will break down the lipids just at the atomic level but then just transforms them. She can do this as long as she understands its chemical structures.



Rias gremory is from high school dxd. She is Issei’s mistress and sweetheart, the Madonna of elementary school, and a strong, beautiful woman. She belongs to the Gremory, one of the cruelest monster households, and goes by the nickname Princess Crimson-Haired Ruin. She is a high schooler participating in a Japan-Scandinavia exchange program, but in actuality, she seems to be the club’s president, and she controls it as a haven for demonic spirits.



Lust is from the Fullmetal Alchemist series. One of the major characters and an initial debut in the book is this 250-year-old homunculus, which symbolizes the sin of desire. Gluttony almost often comes before Envy. The initial ideas for stuff like using Envy to spark Lior’s rebellion, trying to kidnap Tim Marcoh, and seeking Barry the Butcher were all hers. Although she appears lustful at first glance, she has a talent for acting, as she showed when she asked Solaris to seduce Havoc. However, she regularly makes blunders and underestimates her competitors.



Cyborg Motoko Kusanagi, also known as Major in the show, is a woman. Two movies (Ghost in the Shell and Innocence: Ghost in the Shell 2), two TV shows (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG), and a manga all detail his experiences. She supervises and organizes section 9 on the battlefield while he serves as the tactical chief. Aramaki, who oversees section 9 for the prime minister, is the main individual to whom she must answer. He may have an aging body, but he remains a tough enemy.




Lisa yadomaru is from the episode Bleach: Heat the Soul 4. This girl, who has always been given an adult novel, is resourceful and will be able to resist Ichigo in Hollow mode for a short while. She is a young girl who is spontaneous and is outfitted like a schoolgirl. She served as the 8th Division’s vice-captain under Kyraku Shunsui’s leadership. We see how much he resembles Nanao, who she knew would read to him. Her Zanpakut release (Shikai) has the appearance of a huge spear.



Bulma is from the series the dragon ball franchise. When Bulma learns about the Dragon Ball lore, she is a 16-year-old adolescent. She then decides to go in quest of boules during the summer to fulfill her most cherished dream of being engaged. She sets off in pursuit of the seven Dragon Balls with a homemade radar. He will find Son Goku using the radar, who is the custodian of the four-star ball. They seek the last five Dragon Balls together. Bulma and Goku confront Kame-Sen’nin after discovering his pet turtle, Oolong, a pig that can change shapes and terrorize a village, Yamcha, and his buddy, a cat with a changeable figure, as they continue on their journey. Yamcha and Bulma begin to date.



Nefertari Vivi is from the series one piece. The royalty of Alabasta and daughter of Cobra is Nefertari Vivi Nefertari Bibi. She was nurtured by her father and her dependable Igaram, and even when she was a young girl, Karl has been her faithful pet duck. Despite being a princess, she doesn’t act haughtily or conceitedly; rather, she cares for the welfare of her subjects and her kingdom and is willing to risk her life for them. She uses a dance known as “Mermaidance” in the battle to mesmerize or charm the adversary.



Akeno himejima is from the series of High School Fleet. The “Priestess of Thunder” & 2nd of the Gremory clan is Akeno. She holds the title of “Lady” and is the vice-president of something like the occult research club. She is a promising young woman who comes in second place to Rias. She is a very kind and modest person in her everyday life. She is kept hidden, and Issei will ultimately be justified in having an underlying fear of her. Once engaged in combat, she transforms into a powerful, outmatched, and cruel warrior.



Chelsea is from the series Akame ga Kill, a young woman with red hair who can change into anything she wants thanks to the Gaea Foundation, an Imperial weapon. She stabs her opponents in the crucial areas with tiny needles to kill them. It won’t appear until the middle of the story.



Nejire hado is from the series My Hero Academia. She protected Ochaco and Tsuyu during their internship opportunities and brought them with her during Pro Hero Ryukyu, where Nejire is her secretary. She is a third-year pupil and is one of the top 3 students in the class (the Big 3). As a superhero identity, she merely goes by the nickname Nejire-chan. She is a close friend of Mirio and Amajiki, and she is energetic and loud. She has a Quirk called Wave that permits her to transform the shock waves created by her life force.



Mirajane Strauss is from the series Fairy Tail. Mirajane Strauss, an S-rank wizard, is the league member’s most potent female before Erza. She is the elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman. She is the master of highly powerful demons and has control over demon-changing magic. When Mirajane isn’t engaged in battle, she has an angelic visage. She represents the guildmates’ followers as well. She is nice to everyone else and does seem to have a grin on her face. He does indeed have a white insignia on his left leg.




Leafa is from the series Sword Art Online. Having grown up alongside, this is Kazuto’s sister. She isn’t a Sword Art Online survivor and only occasionally appears in the first arc. Kirito mentions her in episode four since Silica resembles her slightly.



SABER is from the series Fate/stay the night. The Monarch of the Knights, King Arturia Pendragon, who has become King of Great Britain after gaining the magical “Sword in the Stone,” is who Saber is in real life. The Saber class of servants is frequently regarded as the strongest. She generally upholds a strict code of honor and values honor over success. Although she and Kiritsugu have the same desire for peace as Servant and Master, their contrasting ideologies have caused a tense relationship in which Kiritsugu does not openly acknowledge Saber.



Elizabeth liones is from the series The Seven Deadly Sins. The third adopted queen of the Kingdom of Liones is Elizabeth Liones Princess. She is the story’s second main heroine, a supposed survivor of the Empire of Danafor, as well as a former bartender at the Boar Hat Tavern. She is on a quest to rehabilitate the Seven Deadly Sins and eventually becomes their most great resource and healer. She is also the 107th incarnation of Goddess Elizabeth, the Supreme Deity’s only child, who also took the form of Liz, a Sacred Signet Ring, some 3,000 years ago.



Cana alberona is from the series fairy tail. Cana Alberona began drinking to excess at the age of 13, even though the legal drinking age in her nation is 15. One-third of Guild Tavern’s annual liquor sales are consumed by Cana. She uses enchanted cards in her battles, at times firing them like rockets, as well as other times skillfully arranging them to achieve a range of effects. In spite of being selected five times for an S-rank wizard, she has failed the test 4 times.



Sinon is from the series Sword Art Online. By competing in the third edition of all the most renowned Gun Gale Online contest, the Bullet of Bullets, she will aid Kirito in ending the blood-thirsty activities of Death Gun huge kudos to her excellent shooting abilities and outfitted with her PGM Hecate II, and he will achieve his eventual goal in the game to conquer it to demonstrate his power: Kirito will still save his existence both during the tournament and in the worst case scenario after it.



Himiko toga is from the series My Hero Academia. A young girl, after being inspired by Stain, establishes a passionate obsession with Midoriya and frequently witnesses him being beaten. She was formerly a girl from an affluent family, but also, because of her skill, she developed an irresistible attraction to blood. She even killed a friend she adored and then enjoyed drinking his blood, which caused her to escape her home and suffer prejudice until she entered the Union.



Yamato is from the series Space Battleship Yamato. She consumed the delicacy Okuchi no Makami, a model for the Japanese mythological wolves of the same name, from the Zoo Zoo mythological Dog Dog family.



Nanao Ise is from the series Bleach. The vice-captain of the eighth Division, Nanao Ise, is frequently forced to undertake all the job tasks to her captain’s sloth. Notwithstanding all of the oddities of the latter, including flirting with her or requesting her to water her walk with rose petals to brag around in front of her competitors, she makes an effort to be patient. When Nanao removes her tiny glasses, she appears to be a scary figure.



Asuna is from the series Sword Art Online. A girl from a respectable family in Kyoto, Asuna is introduced to Kirito through the game and eventually becomes his virtual wife. She also joins the Brotherhood of the Knights, a guild that at first consisted of only about thirty players but has since grown to be the most powerful recognized guild in Aincrad. She is the only individual who is known to play Sword Art Online with a false name. Her exceptional attractiveness earns her several offers and marriage proposals.



Mikasa Ackerman is from the series Attack on Titan Along with Armin. One of the episodes’ major characters is Mikasa. Mikasa seems to have been the ward of Grisha and Carla, Eren’s parents. After human traffickers assassinated Mikasa’s birth family, Eren saved her, and she lived with the Jägers until just before the Maria Wall fell. She is a prominent Heazul figure because she was the last Shogun tribe member to reside on Island Paradise and is affiliated with the Azumabito clan. Whereas all Mikasa desires are to coexist peacefully with the people she loves, notably Eren, who recently joined the Military of the Walls.



Takeyama yu is from the series My Hero Academia. A Hero who has lately come into action under the moniker Mount Lady and is well-liked by the media (in part because of her curved shape) has the power to grow up to 20 meters in size, which increases her strength and flexibility. Due to these skills, she is only useful in fighting from the outside. When given a chance, she strives to steal the show and has no concerns about doing so. She does, however, also show a selfless side.



Saeko busujima is from the series Highschool of the Dead. Saeko, a mature student, and chairman of the kendo club, is a skilled fighter with a strong feeling of pride. She is also an essential and vital member of her squad and a qualified and knowledgeable fighter. She appears to have a strong bond with Takashi, who she trusts when she admits that she enjoys murdering “them” nearly too much. Apart from the truth that Saeko’s father taught Saya’s father, Souichirou Takagi, how to use a sword, not much has been known about Saeko’s family. Takagi presents her with a sword made in General Murata’s arsenal during the Meiji Period as a token of appreciation.



Misato katsuragi is from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Only Misato survived the “Second Impact,” the disaster that destroyed a chunk of the globe in 2000 and provided a framework for the storyline of the anime. The day before the disaster, she was still with her dad, who is in command of the Antarctic expedition, and her father tries to protect her by placing her in a safe zone that mimics an Entry Plug or, indeed, the cockpit of an Evangelion. Misato, who seemed to be 14 at the term, was saddened by the experience and kept quiet for a long period. Although she is grateful that her father rescued her, she hates him for working his way up to her profession and leaving both her and her mother behind.



kiruka hasaki is from the series My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. It looks like Kiruka Hasaki Slice is a young woman has white skin, inward-tilting blue eyes, and a pout that is strikingly plump and glossy. She even has straight, shining red hair that falls to her knees in the back and appears to extend past her feet in the front, with a chin-length fringe that partly covers her right eye. The two longer strands are down to her knees and come up behind her as she wears them linked together from the ends around her back.



Nico robin is from the series One Piece. Her mother, Nico Olvia, had been an archaeologist but left the island to pursue her studies. Nico Robin is a native of Ohara, a tiny island in the Western Sea that is home to archaeologists. After being left in the hands of a cousin who treated her like just a servant and having consumed the Fior Fior Devil Fruit, Robin faced prejudice from other kids due to the special abilities she had gained from her. Only the archaeologists on the island, led by Professor Clover, were kind to her.



Yayoi kunizuka is from the series Psycho-Pass. Former singer Sibyl is permitted to perform her craft, but her love thickens her Psycho-Pass, which leads to her being detained. Despite this, she first rejects Ginoza’s invitation to become an Executor since she still wants to be released from prison by resolving her Psycho-Pass. But when she discovers a group of resistance soldiers in her former vacation spot, she decides to assist Division 1.



Suguha kirigaya is from the Sword Art Online series. Suguha Kirigaya refers to the sound of the Fairy Dance arc and the person who presents ALfheim Online to Kirito. As they were raised together, this is Kazuto’s (adoptive, technically cousin) sister. She isn’t a Sword Art Online survivor and only occasionally appears in the first arc. Kirito mentions her in episode four since Silica resembles her somewhat. She is not officially introduced until the second arc when she unknowingly joins Kirito’s crew after being unintentionally saved from a Salamander assault by him during arriving in alfheim Online with each other’s true identity.



Leone is from the series Akame ga Kill. Even because they are working on a project, she is a female who enjoys socializing and enjoying the moment with her group. She occasionally acts spoiler-like and has the potential to be violent. She possesses blonde hair and golden eyes. His Royal weapon Lionelle allows her to renew herself and transform into a lion. She regrets convincing Tastumi to engage in the Night Raid and feels bad for the girl. She murders the party leader, but she later passes away from her wounds.



Akashiya Moka is from the series Rosario Vampire. Moka becomes ten times stronger in her unrestrained state. She combines free combat with Taekwon-do-style fighting skills. Her preferred move is the Crescent Moon Kick, a rising circular kick after which she creates a wheel to land on her feet, and she frequently uses it to dispatch enemies in one blow. She also employs her strength by bashing her opponents into the outer walls with massive slaps.



Soi fon is from the series bleach. Chinese name Soi Fon, which translates to “Fast Wind,” is the commander of Gotei 13’s 2nd unit and the leader of Omnitsukido’s 1st Division (Keigun, the executors’ Division). She took over Shihin Yoruichi’s positions in these positions. She goes by the name Shaorin Fon and is a member of a lower-class family working for the Shihin family, including some of the four major families in Soul Society. Six siblings total; five of her brothers lost their lives on their first missions, making her the youngest.



Makise kurisu is from the series Steins Gate. She is an American scientist, age 18, who has already had articles published in the prestigious magazine Science. At the beginning of the anime, Okabe discovers her dead, but a change in the past avoids her actual demise. Before the completion of the researcher’s time in Japan, she becomes Okabe’s main focus, and the two eventually fall in love. She seems difficult but genuine, and the characters make fun of her for being similar to a tsundere.



Nemuri Kayama is from the series My Hero Academia. Instructor of art history there at institute known as Midnight, a Hero with a dominatrix-like outfit. She acts as the supervisor for the entire Yuei Sports Festival. She has a propensity to become enraged, particularly when she is stopped while speaking and when someone brings up her age. She frequently maintains a captivating attitude or behavior while possessing an appropriately exploitative and sadistic side.



A beautiful and bust-friendly witch with the tattooing of the boar on her neck, which stands in for the sin of Throat. One of its most potent sorceresses in the whole of Britain, she has taken refuge in Camelot for the 10 years she has been apart from her friends and has guarded the young King Arthur, who she adores. No of how much magical force would typically be needed to achieve it, she can make her spells continue indefinitely until she destroys them, attributed to her limitless strength.



Inoue, Orihime is from the series bleach. Orihime is empathetic and gracious. She displays a great deal of consideration for persons like Yuzu Kurosaki. She like floral-printed Asian clothing. Even though she likes “regular” food, Orihime prepares and consumes “weird” food at home. Nobody else has the same taste as Orihime, except for Rangiku Matsumoto and Tessai Tsukabishi. Red bean paste is one of her favorite foods, and she enjoys coating sweet potatoes in butter. Orihime inclines to react impulsively to situations, which occasionally has humiliating results.



Ochako uraraka is from the series my hero academia. A 1-A scholar like Midoriya and Bakugo, this young woman is quite honest and animated. Despite her often upbeat attitude and personality, she is adamant about being a famous heroine. With both the pads she possesses on the final joint of her fingers, she can nullify the gravitational force’s influence on any item she contacts. She can also nullify the impact of her power anywhere at any time by touching another person. This ability is known as her quirk, Zero Gravity.



Tsunade is from series Naruto Shippuden. The “Hokage wall” then displays Tsunade’s image as the fifth Hokage of Konoha. Later, she enrolls Sakura Haruno as a pupil and imparts to her the medicinal ninjutsu techniques and the source of her extraordinary power. By being with her, Sakura also gains her rage, which has frequently made Naruto, Jiraiya, or Kakashi nervous. Ino Yamanaka joins him as a student to acquire medical ninjutsu. During Pain’s attack, she additionally summons slugs to defend the villagers and ninjas, as well as she uses her enormous chakra supply to heal the injured ninjas.



Nemu kurotsuchi is from series bleach. Nemu Kurotsuchi is a synthetic gigai creature that Mayuri, whom he refers to as his “daughter,” produced. Frequently, she acts as a distraction and painkiller during Mayuri’s conflicts. Due to Nemu’s artificial makeup, Mayuri can exploit her as a tool by having her perform simple chores or inject various substances into her body. She would spare Uryuu’s life by giving him the treatment for something like the toxicity that Mayuri had exposed him to.



Beatrice is from Series of Unfortunate Events. The witch of infinite gold Witch Beatrice is reported to frequently appear in a cloud of golden butterflies, and that would have lived for over 1000 years. She would have the authority to call forth as servants the 72 devils listed in the Ars Goetia of the Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis. This is also claimed that, in exchange for payment, humans can call upon it to grant them their wishes. She eventually encountered Kinzo, who sought the equivalent of 10 tonnes of gold, and as a result, she lost a lot of her abilities and wound up stranded on Rokkenjima Island.



Boa Hancock is from the series One Piece. Boa Hancock is the leader of the Kuja thieves and the Amazon Empress Lily; as such, she is also referred to as “The Pirate Empress” and “The Serpent Princess” by the Amazons of the island. Hancock displays herself as a haughty, selfish, and conceited woman while one of the most attractive women in the whole universe and is used to having men fall back in love with her at her knees despite still being neglected for her attractiveness. Hancock, who has consumed the Paramisha Mero fruit, may project a heart-shaped beam that terrifies everyone who is mesmerized by the woman’s appearance.



Uwabami is from the series My Hero Academia. Uwabami argues that superheroes can serve a dual purpose. Previously, there was some dispute around the heroes’ status as civil servants, but this has been resolved as a result of widespread support. Informing Momo and Itsuka that she will soon be appearing in a commercial, Uwabami requests that they take some opportunity to get to know one another.



Grayfia lucifuge is from the series High School DxD. The wife of Sirzechs has silver hair. She operates as both the Maid of the Gremory House and the Crown princess in her party. She is the Millicas’ mother. She hails from the Lucifuge household, a clan of powerful demons that were loyal to the first Lucifer. She is indeed a demon and is regarded as the “Strongest Queen,” ranking on par with the Four Demon Kings. She competed against Serafall for the Leviathan title, goes by the name Silver Haired Queen of Annihilation, and wields ice-based magic.



Kurumi tokisaki is from the series date a life. Shido encounters a third soul, Kurumi Tokisaki. She appears to be a pretty, pleasant, and gorgeous young woman, but she is a sadistic, crazy, and perverted individual who Shido considers to be the “most wicked” spirit. Nightmare serves as its official code name. She can revive as often as she wants by traveling back in time, giving the impression that she is unbeatable. She murders thousands of individuals herself and is killed multiple times. She can create more copies of herself by calling up previous versions of herself.



Mizuhara Chizuru is from the series Rent-a-Girlfriend. a college student who secretly serves the Diamond Corporation as a hired partner. She takes great pride in her excellent service ratings, but when Kazuya humiliates her and also gives her a poor review, she becomes angry and aggressive. She adopts her grandmother’s last surname at school and dresses tackily with pigtails that are braided and big glasses. Kazuya and Chizuru rapidly realize that they are neighbors who share a floor in the complex of apartments.



Lize kamishiro is from the series Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki’s alteration in life’s circumstances. She was referred to as “Gluttonous” in the 20 wards that to her appetite for people, especially men. She was very well among ghouls due to her extremely potent kagune. Her vital organs were donated to Ken when she was killed in a crash. She loves taking the appearance of a “ghost” and approaches Ken to beg him to accept her new nature. She had a Rinkaku-style kagune.



Chisato hasegawa Is from the series The Testament of Sister New Devil. She works as just a nurse at Basara’s school and is technically his second cousin because Rafieline is her sister. She was also the one who took Basara to Jin as a newborn and cared for him for more than 15 years after her sister was exiled from Heaven and jailed in an unidentified location. Chisato appears to be a typical human, but she is Afureia, a powerful angel who has now been subjected to many constraints to remain on Earth. She could only be let free for Basara’s protection.



Shizuka Marikawa is a lead actor in Highschool of the Dead. Shizuka, a 26-year-old single physician from Fujimi High School with large breasts, is undoubtedly helpless against the rest of the crowd. She is the only one that can use transportation because she has a driver’s license. Saeko will save her at the start of the narrative. Her numerous manifestations frequently provide humorous relief in the narrative. Notwithstanding lacking the ability to do anything in battle, the doctor frequently demonstrates that she is extremely ignorant and naive, but she has a nice heart, and for this reason, all her lads will grow quite close to her.



Riza Hawkeye is from the series Fullmetal Alchemist. Sniper Riza Hawkeye serves in the Amestris Army. Colonel Mustang is her top priority, and while she makes sure he gets the job done, she also looks out for him out of love. In the Ishbal War, she actively participated. Colonel Mustang learned the art of fire alchemy from her father, who also taught her the method. Roy Mustang and her appear to be in a relationship based on mutual love.


Code Geass

Code Geass is from the series Lelouch of the Rebellion. We do not even know much more about this CC, despite its significant and crucial role in history, other than the fact that Clovis conducted the study on it and therefore has a direct relationship with the British military. She makes a deal with Lelouch the day they meet and stays near to him to keep an eye on their deeds. Additionally, she rescues Zero several times. Nothing surprises or moves him; he is as phlegmatic and lymphatic as feasible. She views Lelouch as a straightforward, essentially “disposable” companion and only wants him to grant her only wish.



The star of the anime and manga series Kill la Kill anime is Ryuko Matoi. The main protagonist is a 17-year-old homeless high school senior who has transferred to Honnji Academy and is on the hunt for the person who killed her father. The murderer of Ryko’s father is holding the other half of a pair of Scissor Blades, which Ryko is holding part of. She is at odds with the Student Council because her weapons are capable of damaging the Goku Uniforms, which are comprised of Living Fibers and give wearers superhuman abilities. She befriends Mako, a classmate who warmly invites her to stay with her family in her house.



A fictitious heroine from the animation Neon Genesis Evangelion is named Rei Ayanami. As the EVA-00’s pilot, Rei Ayanami goes by the moniker “First Children.” She first emerges at the beginning of the series as quite a strange character whose background is largely unknown. She was raised in Geofront, the NERV’s corporate headquarters. Rei is extremely cautious and introverted, much like Shinji Ikari; at school, she separates herself, avoids social interaction, and as a result, has few friends. She rarely displays any emotion, except for when Commander Gendo Ikari is around, yet she still has feelings.


Android 18

Android 18 is from the series Dragon Ball Z. She begins as a human, but Dr. Gero modifies her into a cyborg, just like C-17, her twin. Gero manages to escape in his lab after C-19’s defeat by Vegeta. Then, for them to care for Son Goku and his companions in his absence, he awakens C-17 as well as her from their artificial sleep. But when Gero tries to control the two cyborgs and uses a remote control to disable them if required, the two cyborgs turn on him as well kill him. They subsequently activate C-16 out of curiosity and depart the lab simultaneously.



The secondary character of Darwin’s Game animation and manga series is Karino Shuka. Karino Shuka She is known as the “Invincible Queen” because she prevailed in each of the 49 duels inside which she took part. She is nonetheless vanquished by Kaname Sudo and chose to join forces with him so they can support one another in case of emergency during the battles of “Darwin’s Game.” She gets sucked into a Treasure Hunt that the game has set up, but she gets separated from Kaname. Sota and Sui manage to trap her, but Kaname manages to free her. She then goes to Shibuya Station with Kaname and many others to face One.



In the manga series Death Note, a mythical figure named Misa Amane appears. Misa is a young woman who resides in Kanto; the intruder who killed her parents was eventually murdered by Kira. On the day of her death, a stranger approached Misa in an alley and confessed his love for her, saying that he would prefer to murder her than live without her. A lord of death just does not have the power to kill to extend the life of anyone they care about, but Jeras, a shinigami deity who had also been watching over Misa since the day he fell desperately in love with her, saved her by slamming her perpetrator with his Death Note.



Lyra is a prominent figure from the Pokemon anime. She appears solely in the initial anime. As a trainee alchemist working alongside Lieutenant Yoki, Lyra is originally introduced. She can produce shock waves by condensing the air around her while hurling it quickly thanks to her pendant that is inscribed with a transmutation circle. She aspires to be a State Alchemist and is wholly committed to the military; she doesn’t hesitate to carry out Yoki’s instructions to demolish the villagers’ inn when they failed to pay their taxes or to fight Edward since the latter deceitfully takes Yoki’s mine ownership rights.



The lead female heroine of the manga series Future Diary is a fictitious character named Yuno Gasai. Yuno Gasai, commonly known as “Second,” is Yukiteru’s classmate. She is a model student and purported fiancée of Yukiteru, and she will stop at nothing in order to keep him safe, even if it means risking her life. She will also follow him all through the gameplay. She wants Yukiteru to succeed but struggles to manage his emotions and conceals dark secrets. Her cell phone, the Mirai Nikki, or “Love Diary,” tells her things about Yukiteru’s destiny 10 minutes earlier.



Sailor Moon was just Princess Serenity, the heiress to the Silver Millennium, the moon empire, 10,000 years ago. She is surrounded by Queen Serenity, her mother, and her four protectors, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter. Princess Serenity observes the Earth from a far range and is in awe of its beauty. At a ball, she runs into Prince Endymion, the Earthly Prince. They form a relationship and live their relationship secretly.



Rangiku Matsumoto is from the series of memories of nobody. The VP of the 10th Division is Rangiku Matsumoto. She is a beautiful woman having orange hair and huge breasts that she emphasizes with cleavage. She doesn’t hesitate to use these features in order to even further her goals. She loves drinking and will do almost anything to avoid carrying out her responsibilities. She has been Gin’s long-time friend, and it seems that they share the same opinions. They had lived together since Gin found her unresponsive in Rukongai.


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