Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Proved He Loved Sakura

Naruto had always shown symptoms and signs of his soft spot towards Sakura, even before being friends and before Sakura labeled him as a rival.

Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Proved He Loved Sakura
Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Proved He Loved Sakura

Sakura and Sasuke’s story began as an unrequited love story. Even though Naruto is indeed a shonen series or, as commonly known, anime, intended for teenage guys, Masashi Kishimoto, the author, does include romance in the series. Sakura began as one of Sasuke’s fangirls, but as she spent far more time with him as his partner and got to know him, her sentiments shifted from adoration to true love.

The connection between Sasuke and Sakura is one of the most fascinating in Naruto, as Sakura expresses her sentiments while Sasuke follows the path of an avenger. It’s no surprise that he has trouble forming relationships. Due to the loss of his whole clan at the hands of his brother, Sasuke has a hard time letting others get close to him. He lost his family, friends, neighbors, and brother, all in the blink of an eye.

What Sasuke can’t explain with words, he expresses via his actions. Sasuke finds it challenging to push Sakura away, especially in the manga, despite his solitary traits. Even before Sasuke and Naruto were mates, and before Sasuke ever thought of him as a rival, he had shown various signals of caring for Sakura, though in his unique way.

Sakura is outgoing, gregarious, and upbeat in general. Sasuke, on the other hand, is quiet, restrained, and has a negative outlook on life. Whenever it comes to war, Sakura seems to be much shyer than Sasuke (though she improves in this area during Naruto), Sasuke has never been frightened to plunge into combat. These contracts allow the pair to weigh each other out, which is an important component of a good partnership.

Sasuke Stays With Sakura Until She Wakes Up During The Bell Training

Sakura strives to get near enough to Kakashi to steal a bell on their first training practice as a team. She isn’t very good at hand-to-hand battles and swiftly succumbs to genjutsu. On the other hand, Sasuke caresses one of the bells but does not accept it. Sakura approaches Sasuke after he loses to Kakashi and passes out. Rather than fleeing after regaining his freedom

, Sasuke resolves to remain in Sakura’s presence until she awakens, jeopardizing his ninja career as time passes. Even though he is aware of the paucity of time, Sasuke prefers to stay by Sakura’s side, costing him a second chance at the bell.

Sasuke’s love for Sakura is obvious; he may not show it openly, but he cares profoundly about her.

Sasuke Defends Sakura During Their Bodyguard Mission

Team 7 is confronted by a pair of ninjas during their first mission beyond the village, who are determined to kill Tazuna, the bridge builder whom Team 7 has been tasked with protecting. When the two ninjas appear to have killed Kakashi, Sasuke intervenes to prevent them from targeting Naruto. Nevertheless, when the two ninjas separate, one pursues Tazuna.

Sakura barricades him, putting herself in the way of the attacker and the bridge-building. Sasuke notices this and abandons Naruto, trapping him between the ninja and Sakura with no opportunity to defend against the attack.

Sasuke Encourages Sakura During The Chunin Exams:

When Team 7 decides to take the Chunin Examinations, Sakura worries that her abilities will be insufficient and she would become a liability to her team by failing the examinations. Sasuke notices something is wrong immediately away during the first examination, and when the team is confronted with a genjutsu, he makes use of the opportunity to boost Sakura’s confidence.

Sasuke praises her brilliance, suggesting that her superior analytical abilities must have detected the genjutsu. Sakura, relieved, explains the genjutsu and thanks Sasuke personally for his assistance. Sasuke’s perceptive ability is exceptionally powerful when it comes to Sakura, and the fact that he goes out of his way to encourage her confidence testifies to their wonderful relationship.

Sasuke Avenges Sakura In The Forest Of Death:

When Orochimaru gives Sasuke the curse mark, he collapses, leaving Sakura to guard him, and an incapacitated NaThe Sound Ninja attack during such a moment gravely hurts Sakura, who fights valiantly to protect her teammates, taking significant pain and damage. She chops her hair off to fight and protect them.

The curse mark takes over Sasuke when he wakes up. His entire emphasis, on the other hand, is on Sakura, who has injured her, and on injuring them much more. Sasuke viciously destroys one of the sound ninja’s limbs and would have gone on his rampage if Sakura hadn’t hugged him and pleaded with him to stop.

Sasuke Regains Control Because Of Sakura:

Sasuke fights to keep his curse mark within his control during the Chunin Exams’ third-round one-on-one tournament. Sasuke’s curse mark starts to function during his battle with Yoroi, and he struggles valiantly to keep it from reclaiming his body.

He regains control, and the curse mark symbols vanish from his body as he recalls Sakura’s voice imploring him to stop in the Forest of Death, allowing him to end his battle without depending on Orochimaru’s influence and upholding his vow to Sakura to manage the mark.

Sasuke Prioritizes Sakura’s Safety In The Fight With Gaara

During the Chunin Exams, Sasuke’s fight with Gaara is violent, involving nearly the whole Team 7 until Gaara lets the Shukaku completely take control over his body, considerably enhancing his power. Sakura is kidnapped and pinned to a tree by Gaara, and Sasuke advises Naruto to put Sakura’s safety first. Sasuke grabs her and places her with Pakkun, asking him to protect and keep her secure and safe before going to the fight again. Sasuke, who has spent much of the series focusing on his vengeance, is suddenly putting his teammate’s safety ahead of the thrill of fighting a powerful opponent. These signs make clear the soft spot Sakura has created for herself in Sasuke.

Sasuke Thanks Sakura Before Leaving

Sasuke eventually abandons Konoha in preference of joining Orochimaru to attain power, choosing retribution over bonds in one of the most painful scenes in the series. Sakura catches Sasuke just as he is about to leave hamlet and pleads with him not to leave. She eventually gives in and asks if he will bring her with him if he is determined to leave. Sasuke reappears behind her and thanks her prior to knocking her unconscious. Before departing, he places her on a bench.

This sequence reveals a lot about these two characters’ relationship, especially when Sasuke struggles to express his emotions. Nonetheless, when he realized he was leaving the hamlet, he opted to thank Sakura, respecting her concerns and worrying much about her to ensure her safety.

Sasuke Catches An Exhausted Sakura:

Sasuke is stranded in another reality during the Fourth Great Ninja Battle, exploring the desert in search of a way out. Sakura and Obito frantically search many dimensions for him, finally locating him when they both are weary.

Sasuke dashes to the portal, but Sakura is too weak to resist the sharing of her chakra with Obito, and she collapses. Sakura’s jacket is used by Sasuke, who swaps places with it and appears beside her just in time to hold on to her falling body. Sasuke appears to hold Sakura closely during the whole time while he narrates his escape to Obito, rather than having her sit or merely steadying her.

Sasuke Apologises To Sakura In The Valley Of The End:

Sasuke and Naruto each eventually winded up with a missing arm after their long-awaited battle with Naruto. Sasuke, on the other hand, achieves something far more significant: he fully accepts his affections for his buddies and acknowledges the significance of their connections.

Sasuke eventually apologizes to Sakura after everything he’s put her through during the years as Sakura approaches to heal them. Sakura sobs as Team 7 is reunited, and Sasuke goes back to Konoha and her. After apologizing, Sasuke reunites with his team and ultimately acknowledges Sakura’s feelings with a rare smile.

Sasuke Shows Sakura His Feelings With A Poke

Sakura is there to see Sasuke off as he sets to leave the village and begin his path of redemption. Apart from the first time that he left, though, this is an uplifting rather than a sorrowful occasion. Sasuke informs Sakura that he must leave, and she offers to accompany him once more, this time blushing rather than in tears. Sasuke declines the proposal but taps her on the head and expresses gratitude for her beauty, giving her hope that he will bring her back the next time.

This scene is eerily similar to Sasuke’s departure in the first series but with a far more pleasant finish. Following the conclusion of the series, Sasuke and Sakura marry and also have a kid, Sarada.

Naruto is a popular anime series that follows Naruto Uzumaki, a rising ninja, and his pals Sasuke and Sakura. It is, among the people, the most popular ninja anime series ever made. Many anime viewers, on the other hand, are very concerned with the anime’s romantic aspects. After all, most of the key ninjas are married and have children by the time Boruto begins.

Sakura was enamored with the Uchiha heir for the majority of the series, although he seemed uninterested in her. However, towards the conclusion, he appears to have softened his tone and grown much more accepting of her. They ended up marrying and had a daughter, Sarada Uchiha, thanks to Boruto. Fans, on the other hand, discuss this couple for reasons other than support for them. Many people are similarly baffled by their combination. After all, they have a long and tumultuous history, not all of which is positive. Some others were astonished that they married at all. With little time to care about romance, Sasuke was a fan-favourite non-heroic villain. For years, fans have argued about pairings, speculating on who might be the best match. The wedding of Sakura Haruno to Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most well-known and much-discussed.

25 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Sasuke And Sakura’s Relationship

Sakura Dumped Her First Best Friend For Sasuke

Sakura Haruno was bullied and isolated as a child. Ino Yamanaka was her first best friend, someone who stood up for her and inspired her to grow. Their friendship was appreciated by both of them. Boys, on the other hand, began to pique their attention as they grew older.

Sakura ended their friendship and labeled them rivals when she realized that Ino desired the same male as her, Sasuke. This was a response to the issue that crushed both girls’ hearts. They didn’t have to sever ties because of a boy. They unleashed all of their saved-up tension and proceeded to rekindle their friendship after competing in a tournament. Sakura’s decision to choose Sasuke, whom she hardly knew, over her closest buddy made no sense. Sakura still has feelings for Sasuke, but Ino has moved on.

Sakura Asked To Join Him When Sasuke Was Evil

Sakura devotes herself to becoming a superb ninja despite her feelings for Sasuke. She does, however, want to join him during the Five Kage Summit Arc. He’s taken lives and done some terrible things by this time.

Her feelings for him take precedence over her values and convictions. Sakura aspires to do good and assist others, although she was prepared to sacrifice this for him. Such attachment is toxic, and it demonstrates how irrational her sentiments for him were. To be with him, she was prepared to let go and surrender who she was. It’s difficult to believe that any partnership can recover from such a warped state.

Sasuke And Sakura Only Have One Child

While it is stated that Sasuke and Sakura married because they loved each other, there was another important motive for him to tie the knot. it was to have children. Sasuke is the only Uchiha clan member left after the end of Naruto. He must create offspring if he wants his family to survive.

Regardless of their marital problems, they could have had many offsprings if this was vital to Sasuke, but they didn’t, despite his wish to restore the Uchiha name to glory. It’ll be difficult to rebuild a tribe on the shoulder of one daughter, especially if she adopts her future husband’s surname. If the pair aimed at giving the Uchiha clan the best chance of resurrection, they shouldn’t have stopped at just one child. It is also widely said that Sasuke would have had a plethora of children if he truly cared about restoring his clan. But he married and had Sarada because he loved her and not for the sole reason of his clan-restoration concept.

Sasuke Showed No Romantic Interest For Years

From the moment Sakura meets the young Uchiha heir, she is infatuated with him. Sasuke, on the other hand, appears to be uninterested in her. When they first joined together as Team 7, his first major interactions with her included him calling her obnoxious.

Their relationship has remained friendly at best and adversarial at worst for years. His obsession becomes a drive for power and vengeance. Sakura is unconcerned about any of this. Sasuke doesn’t exhibit any interest until the Fourth Shinobi War, but even then, his interest and love were very limited. It’s hard to believe that’s enough to create a marriage.

Most Of Their Relationship Has Been Long-Distance

Even though Sasuke and Sakura marry, they do not spend much time together. It’s acceptable that Sasuke is on essential missions, but it does seem absurd that he barely has time to return to the house. It’s hurting his marriage and his relationship with his daughter and wife. Sakura accompanies him on his reconciliation, which is the maximum period they are both in the same time and place as a pair. During this time, they are said to be deeply in love, conceive Sarada, and marry. Sakura returns to the hamlet after Sarada’s birth to raise their daughter safely. Except for that brief period, which lasts around a year, the pair is, indeed, most of the time apart from each other.

Sakura’s Desperation For Sasuke’s Approval

Sakura, being the strong-willed and driven woman she is, bends many of her beliefs and aspirations to suit Sasuke’s acceptance. She began to get along with Naruto because he didn’t like her criticizing him. She also just attempted to improve her abilities in order to demonstrate to him that she was capable. Her aspirations to become a good ninja were strong, but they all shifted to also include Sasuke.

The fact that Sasuke was indeed a lousy, self-centered shinobi makes the slightest sense. She should’ve never based her self-worth on his approbation. She simply wore her hair long because she felt it would appeal to him. Wow. No. Please no.

Sasuke And Sakura’s Relationship Was Rushed

Sasuke finally gives in to Naruto’s appeals to return home just after Fourth Shinobi War. This is also the first time he expresses genuine feelings for Sakura. Though their reconnection is heartfelt, their union was forced and hastily arranged.

Even though they were in love, there seemed to be a lot of bad and toxic things, including sad, unpleasant sentiments between them. They never had time to process their emotions. Sakura had simply forgiven him, and Sasuke had unexpectedly fallen in love with her. Then they married and had a child, and that was the end of it. Many fans were baffled by the situation. Some supported and some fans declared that it was a highly toxic relationship, to be honest. Sad.

Sasuke Made Decisions For Sakura Without Asking Her:

Sakura’s fate is chosen for her once she marries Sasuke. Her husband frequently makes decisions that will have a negative impact on her without informing her. He, for example, keeps going on long assignments away from her and the house and child without consulting or telling her about his leaving.

He also abandons her with their baby, Sarada, but always expects her to be content with her role as sole caregiver. For a long time, he has refused to allow her to accompany him anywhere. Sasuke suffocates his wife’s personality by making these decisions, even if they are intended to protect her. This type of behavior has no place in a marriage. In real life, this would be annoying and lead to unpleasant endings. It steals the identity and causes indecency of oneself, resulting in toxic relationships and behavior.

Sasuke And Sakura’s Daughter Questions Her Parentage

Sarada often wonders if her parents are her parents because Sasuke has been gone so much for different missions and other events for a very long period. Because of Sasuke, her father’s absence, she first wonders if he is her father. It is very sad. Based on her and her father’s lack of attention and emotional support, she later wonders if Sakura is her mother or not.

She eventually accepts her paternity, but it remains a perplexing subject. Even in unusual marriages, children rarely query their parents so openly. It becomes a significant source of conflict for Sarada. They put in such little effort in their partnership that their kid is dubious about it and is willing to assume that her mother is someone different from her father’s background. The lack of affection between a family strongly affects the mental state of a child, and this was precisely what happened here. The situation of Sarada was very depressing and unpleasant, and she did not deserve to be put in this type of relationship or situation with her family and parents. Poor child!

Sasuke Attracts Admirers Despite His Cruel Indifference

Their degree of dedication is incredible, especially since it isn’t only one woman that is so devoted to him. There are a number of them. It’s tough to comprehend how people can still love him despite his mistreatment. In the Boruto series, Karin still has feelings for him after all these years.

Sakura was not the only woman who admired the Uchiha heir. Ino and Karin were the most prominent rivals. Regardless of their devotion, Sasuke treated all three women with the same harsh contempt. He has a history of insulting, ignoring, and rebuffing their advances. However, when it is realized that Sasuke has viciously battled both Karin and Sakura, this becomes even more extreme. Despite this, both ladies adored him.

Sakura Forgetting What Sasuke Looks Like

Yep, you read the heading right. that was how bad the situation was for Sakura.

Sakura has a hard time missing Sasuke when he is away. He’s away considerably, far more than he’s not, which is unfortunate for her. This is made even sadder when she explains that she doesn’t only hang up images of him because she loves him. It’s so she won’t forget his appearance. While upsetting, it takes on new meaning when she realizes she spent years agonizing over his appearance. His physique was a big part of why Sakura was drawn to him in the first place. For her to forget simply serves as a reminder to fans of how long Sasuke remains away from home. He spent very little time, even after marriage, with his wife and child, leading to a lot of unpleasant problems, as mentioned above.

Sasuke And Sakura Aren’t On The Same Page As Parents

Sakura is very committed to motherhood, whereas Sasuke is indeed not. This has gotten to the point that he doesn’t recognize his 12-year-old daughter when they run into each other. Sakura makes an effort to spend time with Sarada while giving facts about her dad without divulging the arduous, horrific aspects of his past.

Sasuke merely ignores her when she mentions it. Also, when Sasuke eventually trains Sarada, Sakura has no idea what’s going on and is taken aback by her daughter’s sudden ability in action. Sakura, as well as Sasuke, should not be this detached as parents, even though they have been separated for 12 years. At the very least, they could exchange photos and keep one other updated. Shikamaru and Temari, for example, start discussing coaching their son with each other in the series boruto, which is healthy. It increases the bond between the couple as well as among the children. At this point, Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship and parenting seem very toxic.

The Emotional Weight Of The Head-Poke Gesture

Sasuke’s life revolves around the head-poke gesture of solidarity of Uchiha. It was, after all, something he treasured before he completely lost his family. His usage of this sign with his own family, however, is exaggerated. His only way of expressing love and affection is with a head-poke.

While well-intentioned and meaningful, it falls short of compensating for his indifference and unwillingness to be a present spouse and parent. It’s portrayed as such a tremendous, lovely gesture on his part, but it’s just a tiny gesture to show that he cares. A lovely head-poke won’t make up for the years he spent away from his family.

Sasuke’s Cool Reactions To Sakura’s Confessions

Sakura tells Sasuke probably twice that she loves him. When he tried to depart and join Orochimaru for the first time. The second is to persuade him to remain during the Fourth Shinobi War. Her disclosures are always desperate attempts to save him or persuade him to stay. Sakura opens out to him and tells him everything that has been on her mind and heart.

Sasuke, on the other hand, typically replies coolly or maliciously to her. The first one elicited a snide remark in which he described her as obnoxious. He calls her bothersome again the second time and then practically breaks her heart using his fist. Later in the episode, the program tries to persuade viewers that Sasuke loves her, but after all these heinous acts, it’s difficult to believe. However, Sasuke’s intentions in the Naruto series shift so frequently that it’s difficult to tell when his feelings for her begin and when his animosity is actively pushing her away, preventing her just to protect her.

Sasuke And Sakura’s Relationship’s Lack Of Romantic Contact

Sakura and Sasuke’s demonstrations of affection are limited to small head pokes and side hugs, even though they are married. This behavior is understandable in his case but not in hers. For them, atypical techniques of affection make sense, yet there is a point at which nontraditional becomes platonic.

Even if they are distinctive, the pair needs a couple extra ways to express their love and sentiments to be credible. Otherwise, they appear to be friends with a child and a marriage. This is in stark contrast to Sakura’s overwhelming feelings for Sasuke. There is a huge lack of romantic scenes or situations that makes us question their love and determination for their relationship and marriage.

Sakura Treating Naruto As A Replacement Boyfriend

Team 7 dissolved at the start of Naruto Shippuden to practice according to their grounds, each with its own unique Sannin member. Sakura and Naruto reconnect after two long years apart, but Sasuke stays with Orochimaru. They restore their bond and resurrect Team 7 with the help of Sai.

Sakura spends the majority of her time alongside Naruto without Sasuke. She relies on him to make up for the hole in her life by even actually dating and looking for a relationship with him. She is aware of his intentions for her and is aware that she does not reciprocate them, but she goes ahead and does it anyhow. Sakura shouldn’t have done such a mistake by sending mixed signals. It was a very hurtful thing to her best friend, given her loyalty to loving and respecting Sasuke and Naruto’s friendship.

Sasuke Never Writes Home While Away On Missions

Sasuke abandons his family for 12 years to embark on missions. He neglects his daughter and wife while safeguarding their village. He could, at the very least, simply write, send photos back and forth, and perhaps learn what his daughter’s appearances look like nowadays. Sasuke, on the other hand, does not do so. Although sending messages was difficult at times and may compromise missions, there had to be occasions when honest contact and communication were possible.

After all, he’s got to be informing Naruto about assignments. It’s incomprehensible that Sasuke didn’t even think about having to write his family a few letters to express his respect, compassion, and love.

Sasuke’s Poor Communication Skills

Despite their love for each other, Sasuke and Sakura suffer serious communication problems. Sasuke doesn’t always talk about the things he really should when it comes to parenting, missions, and expressing sentiments. During a scene in Sakura’s Hidden Novel, this contact and communication barrier comes to a head. There are rumors that Sasuke may become evil once more. Scary, isn’t it?

She wants to protect him, but she needs to admit that she has no idea. She hasn’t known enough of him to be able to honestly answer the question. Sakura’s inability to tell if the person she truly loves is evil indicates a major fault in their connection that makes very little sense. There is no understanding between the couple.

Sakura’s Initial Obsession With Sasuke

Sakura had loved Sasuke since she was a small child. His attractiveness and ability sparked a crush. She grew enamored with him after seeing how he behaved in class. When she opted to abandon her best friend, preferring him when she got preoccupied with being on his team, his opinion, his progress and capabilities as a ninja, and her thoughts always lingered him, the crush became illogical

Sakura dresses in a way she thinks he’ll enjoy rather than what she prefers. Sakura’s crush blossomed into a greater, more reasonably balanced love, and she began to think for herself. Her love for him, on the other hand, began as intense, possessive, and irrational.

Sasuke And Sakura’s First Date Only Lasted 2.5 Minutes

“EH?” That’s exactly how I reacted.

Sakura and Ino travel to a beach overlooking the ocean in Boruto. Her buddy says she knows where the other Uchiha couple went on their first date. Sakura, embarrassed, claims it took only approximately two minutes or exactly two and a half minutes. She does confess, though, that the location brings back good memories and thoughts of him.

Considering she had been with Sasuke, the site mattered to her. Despite this, their first date lasted only a few minutes. After the conflict and the world potentially coming to an end, fans might expect Sasuke to want to spend time with his new love. Sasuke, on the other hand, never seems to develop a passion and love-related side and remains as detached as ever and always.

Sakura’s Detrimental Insecurities In Their Relationship

Sakura really shouldn’t be so sensitive about their connection if their love is as great as she claims. She is, however, and it demonstrates how easily breakable her relationship with Sasuke may be at times.

Sakura is having a difficult time parenting their daughter by herself while Sasuke is away. Despite her insistence that their love is solid and that they display their intimacy in numerous ways, she has insecurities. Sakura punches down her entire residence with a great strike to the hard ground, at the least notion that she isn’t his wife. The inquiry doesn’t come from a foe or an adversary; it comes from her disappointed and perplexed daughter. The amount of self-doubt and insecurities isn’t a good event in a relationship on an honest note.

Sasuke Never Puts Sakura First

Sakura consistently prioritizes Sasuke throughout the whole of Naruto. Before her close friendships with Ino and Naruto and before her security and safety, she tried to bring him back home and, eventually, put an end to his insanity. She even put him ahead of her destiny, sacrificing her shinobi culture in order to be a good parent to his daughter.

Sasuke, on the other hand, never tends to put Sakura as the very first priority. He may be in absolute love with her, but he is more concerned with defending the town and completing his assignments. Their love and commitment are uneven, which makes no sense for a long-term relationship. However, it appears that this is how they have opted to do stuff.

Sakura Gave Up Her Konoha Life To Follow Sasuke

Sasuke leaves town just after Fourth Shinobi War to make amends for his misdeeds. The very first time, he expresses his gratitude to Sakura and promises to return home. Off-screen, he returns to visit him, and so this time, Sakura joins him on his adventures.

Sakura, on the other hand, had to give up her entire as a Konohakagure shinobi to join Sasuke on whichever tasks he chose. She had spent years preparing for her job and status just to abandon everything to be with him. It makes absolutely no logical sense for her to give up her everything just to accompany him, no matter how passionate she is. Especially even though he only ditches her over and over again eventually. This doesn’t seem like a mutual relationship and looks one-sided. Her love is not reciprocated by her partner.

Sakura Continued To Love Sasuke When He Was Evil

Sasuke was once an actual criminal pursued by almost every shinobi. He had carried out horrific acts against others, including assassinations, robbery, fraud, and the murder of others. Sakura, on the other hand, adores him. She claims that’s because she recognizes the real guy beneath all that and wishes for him to return to his former self.

Even if it is correct, the assumption is absurd. Throughout this time, Sasuke mercilessly abused, ridiculed, and humiliated her as more than just a ninja and also as a human. Sakura’s love for the old Sasuke is understandable. However, the newer one must have put an end to her emotional love for him. It is sad how feelings can blind one’s eye and make them do completely absurd things, like mentioned before. No wonder how insecure Sakura is about her fragile commitment to Sasuke.

Sasuke Tried To End Sakura’s Life

Beautiful love, isn’t it? Okay, okay, I’m done with the sarcasm.

Sasuke attempted to eliminate Sakura, which is the most disturbing and frightening aspect of their bond. While he was immersed in his desire for power, only his brother and he mattered to him. Naruto and Sakura, his two best pals, were cut off and weren’t allowed to try to stop whatever he was doing. Although Sakura pleads with him another time to return so that they can be content and live happily together, he attempts to break her heart. That incident should have already broken her attachment to him if it hadn’t already. Nevertheless, the pair got married. Looks like true love, it appears, conquers even putting one’s partner’s life in jeopardy.

Toxicity is at its finest levels, as we can see. UGH.

Does Sasuke Love Sakura? Clues Throughout The Series

Sasuke truly cherishes and loves Sakura. Sasuke, on the other hand, was so preoccupied with criticizing and eliminating his rivals (particularly Itachi) as a child that he completely forgot about Sakura. In maturity, Sasuke developed feelings for Sakura and later had become more honest with Sakura.

Examples In Naruto & Naruto Shippuden

Nobody knows exactly how Sasuke proposed to Sakura. Many of the original Naruto castmates married before the series, Boruto premiered, but details on how few of the partners met are few. Sakura eventually does marry Sasuke, but unfortunately, there’s not much information on the wedding. After he arrived at the village, it occurred.

Let’s look at a few examples of Sasuke’s affection for Sakura. We’ll begin with the pilot episode and progress to the current generation.

Sakura begs Sasuke not to leave the town in pursuit of strength from Orochimaru in Chapter #181. She tries to persuade him by reminiscing about all of their Genin assignments with Naruto. Sasuke still dismisses her, although he does say “Thank you” before departing.

It isn’t much, but it’s one of the very first occasions Sasuke recognizes Sakura’s concern for his well-being. You may also include the Chunin Exam Arc, where Sakura’s touch was the only event that put Sasuke’s out-of-control curse mark form under control.

Sasuke Loving Sakura In The New Generation

Let’s quickly turn back time to the present-day event. Sasuke and Sakura had their one and only child, Sarada, during the time gap between both the end of Naruto Shippuden and the opening of Boruto. Sasuke was frequently away from the town on important missions, with little time to return. Sakura was frequently left thinking and pondering about her husband’s whereabouts. She was just conscious that he was touring the globe to keep the community in harmony, peace, and filled with love.

Sasuke takes more initiative to get to understand his child in a couple of anime-only Boruto arcs. Sarada with her mom, Sakura, get themselves into a pickle, and Sasuke is forced to take action and discovers that Sakura is fully trained for looking after herself, as well as comments that she is strong and that he’s never been concerned about her protection and security.

Sarada brings the pair closer together, and Sasuke enjoys being at home more when she is there. Sasuke finally returned for the Chunin Exams to watch his kid compete. Following that, he resolves to make a greater attempt to be involved in the village. He realized how many missed family possibilities he had unnecessarily pushed aside.

That’s all there is to it. Sasuke loves and respects Sakura, but the tough veneer he’s developed over time hides it. Sakura’s toughness and capacity to fight for herself are respected by Sasuke, and their child Sarada serves to draw the pair tighter together during the span of the next generation.


Passion is, without a doubt, the most vital part of any romantic connection. The willingness to be faithful to your partner may carry a relationship through some of the most difficult times. Sharing a home, marrying, and having a kid together are all signs of a strong relationship. Sasuke is constantly in his wife’s thoughts. She looks forward to every time they spend around each other. Sasuke’s devotion to marrying Sakura is a clear indication that he values Sakura’s personality and attractiveness, especially since he rarely engages in displays of affection. The parties engaged in a good relationship must be compatible. This Naruto pair worked well together. They have ideals and goals in common. It’s one thing to have a child together, but it’s quite another to raise that infant to be a peaceful and positive adult. This demonstrates their compatibility as parents as well as lovers.

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