What Episode Does Kakashi Die?

Wondering what episode does Kakashi die? This is episode #159 when the incident happens and it is the most thrilling of all time. Continue reading to know what really happened!

What Episode Does Kakashi Die
Kakashi’s Death Episode

Kakashi Hatake is a made-up figure in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto. Kakashi is the instructor of Team 7, which includes Naruto, Sasuke, Uchiha, and Sakura, the series’ principal characters. He is depicted initially as a distant and disinterested character, but as the show continues, his devotion to his close allies becomes more evident.

During ep #159 of Shippuden anime, Naruto, Kakashi dies. “Pain vs. Kakashi” seems to be the episode’s tagline, set when the Pain’s Assault arc also adapts #421 to 425 and #427 manga characters. Pain’s Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique later revives him. 

Kakashi Sensei’s battle against Pain became one of the most sensational moments in the show, shocking many viewers during their first watching. We assumed Kakashi’s encounter with his dad, The White Fang, meant he was permanently lost.

While their battle, Pain catches Kakashi by using his Deva Path power to deploy a nail from a wood plank at his head, ostensibly killing him. Kakashi, who is barely alive, tells Choji to inform Hokage Tsunade about the Deva Path’s abilities.

How does Kakashi come back to life?

Pain’s Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique brings Kakashi, and all the remaining casualties of Pain’s assault on the Hidden Leaf Village, alive. The pain is moved by Naruto’s description of not intending to perpetuate a pattern of violence, and he resolves to employ the technique in honor of Naruto’s hope.

Does Kakashi die in Boruto?

In Boruto, Kakashi, however, does not die. He’s old, but he returns to protect the village against Nue and to supervise the younger generation’s graduate examinations. Boruto is trained by Kakashi, who helps him enhance the strength and skill of his Rasengan.

Who kills Kakashi?

Pain is an Akatsuki representative who tries to bring harmony to the globe by commanding several tailed creatures and utilizing their power to settle impasses between nations, killing Kakashi. Pain bears the Rinnegan, a particular eye that lets users use the Six Paths Technique, which consists of six powers.

What Episode Does Kakashi Die in the anime?

This scene occurs during the Pain’s Assault arc, which succeeds the Power to Believe arc and does precede the Mystery of Pain arc.

Tsunade momentarily stops her techniques when Katsuyu informs her that Kakashi has died, allowing her to release her rage and frustration. Tsunade praises Chi for delivering the Deva Path’s profile and powers and tells him that Choza is still alive and should be taken to the hospital. Tsunade walks away when Choji wonders if Kakashi is still alive.


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