When Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

Kakashi did not want to be Hokage in the first place. Curious about when does Kakashi become Hokage? Continue reading the article to know more information!!

When Does Kakashi Become Hokage
Kakashi Becomes Hokage


Masashi Kishimoto created the Naruto manga series, which he wrote and drew. It chronicles the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja who aspires to become the Hokage, the village’s leader.

Kakashi Hatake is well-known for being one of the few characters who has become Hokage twice. Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, gets knocked out by Pain and goes into a coma following the events of episodes 163 and 164. Due to the lack of a Kage in Konohagakure. Despite his displeasure, Kakashi was picked as Tsunade’s successor because he was the most competent and experienced in the group. Fortunately for him, Tsunade recovered from her sleep just as the process was about to be completed, and Kakashi was able to avoid his responsibilities.

Does Kakashi Become Hokage? 


In episode 479 of Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi is promoted to Hokage. 

Tsunade delegated her Fifth Hokage responsibilities to Kakashi. Due to difficulties with Tsunade’s coma and the Hokage successor in the past, Kakashi came close to becoming Hokage during the 5 Kages Summit arc. Still, when she nominated Kakashi himself, he became the Kage of Hidden Leaf Village (Konohagakure) the Hokage.

Kakashi was elected Hokage because he was the best shinobi in the community, except for Naruto (who was still a Genin). Most of the time, strength determines who becomes Hokage, and his combat prowess more than qualified him for the job. He’s also the only non-Sannin in Leaf Village history to complete over 1,000 missions. Kakashi is more than capable of fulfilling the job of Hokage, both in terms of statistics and in practice.

Why Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

Tsunade decides to retire, and Kakashi takes his place. Before Tsunade awoke from her coma, he was almost Hokage, and he’s the jounin with the most ties to Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi even informs Sasuke that the Hokage’s influence enabled him to get pardoned for his crimes against the community.

After the war, Kakashi became Hokage because he was the only one who deserved it. He felt compelled to rebuild Konoha with all his heart, and he knew he would be the ideal leader for the village. Before Naruto returned, Kakashi looked after him and ensured he was safe.

Strength dictates who becomes Hokage the most of the time. In terms of statistics and practice, Kakashi is more than competent in performing the duties of Hokage.

How Many Years Was Kakashi Hokage?

At 32, Kakashi Hatake took over as the Sixth Hokage, succeeding Tsunade. He may have been Hokage sooner, but Tsunade awoke from her coma and continued to carry out her responsibilities. Kakashi was hesitant to take on these responsibilities initially, but he eventually did, serving as Hokage for 12 years.

According to what we know about the events and timeline of the Naruto franchise, Kakashi’s tenure as Hokage lasted a total of 12 years, which is far longer than anybody would have thought, given how hesitant he was to even become Hokage due to all the paperwork.

Did Kakashi Want to Be Hokage?

Kakashi did not want to be Hokage at first. Still, after realizing the gravity of the situation, he accepted the position for nearly a decade so Naruto could mature and take his place as Hokage one day.

Kakashi was named Tsunade’s successor, the Sixth Hokage, and his first act was to forgive Sasuke for his misdeeds. As revealed in the epilogue, he held this title for many years before passing it on to Naruto.

Even though the title of Hokage was an honor, he was willing to accept it based on his abilities; Kakashi Hatake was one of the few talented individuals – along with Tsunade – who actively avoided becoming Hokage. Why? He despised paperwork, as he admitted. A Hokage is not only a combatant but also an administrator, which is why Kakashi grudgingly accepted the post and was delighted to hand it on to Naruto afterward.

Does Kakashi Have A Son?

Kakashi has no son. However, if you’re referring to Houki Taketori, the character in Boruto who wears a mask and looks like Kakashi, he is not his son. He is a fan of the Sixth Hokage, aka Kakashi Hatake, and aspires to be like him. As a result, he dresses up in his likeness out of admiration.


I hope this article gave you some clear information for your questions. Naruto is a fun and interesting Anime series to watch, learn and enjoy. It is a fantastic show that promotes and exhibits self-worth, self-esteem, collaboration, the importance of friendship, and the capacity to change if one is willing to put up the effort. Do watch and Enjoy! Thank you for choosing and reading our article! Peace!

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