All 8 Rabbit Pokemon: The Ultimate List

If you are a Pokemon fanatic then we have just the right thing for you. It is nothing but, All 8 Rabbit Pokemon: The Ultimate List, which we are pretty sure you are going to love.

All 8 Rabbit Pokemon: The Ultimate List
All 8 Rabbit Pokemon: The Ultimate List

When talking about Pokémon, there is a tonne of different subgenres, and many of them draw inspiration from actual animals. A summary of Pokemon, which have been frogs and fish, is provided. Right now, we’re making our way outside the Pokedex. So stay with us as we evaluate all 8 Rabbit Pokemon based on their talents and abilities.

Of the eight different Rabbit Pokemon, merely five are really categorized as one and the same; the other three just imitate rabbits. They are

  • Cinderace
  • Raboot
  • Lopunny
  • Scorbunny
  • Buneary
  • Bunnelby, &
  • Diggersby

Our detailed breakdown of Rabbit Pokémon will display every Rabbit Pokémon in the game, according to the original classification, as well as any Pokémon that, while being classified otherwise, has a rabbit-like appearance. There are a total of eight of these Pokémon, and we’ll tell you a little bit about each one.


What are Pokémon Rabbits?

The trip through each Pokemon generation can, at times, be challenging. Pokémon divisions, as contrary to types, can be more difficult to distinguish because they are based on a Pokémon’s dominant genetic make-up, which represents an evolving oddity as seen by the many PokéDex entries. For comparison, Charizard, who mimics a dragon, is a “Flame Pokémon,” whereas Horsea, who mimics a seahorse but now has anatomy completely unrelated to that of a dragon, is a “Dragon Pokémon” (whatever it might be). These facts lead us to the conclusion that even though “Rabbit Pokémon” is included in the PokéDex (save for one “Water-Rabbit Pokémon”), this categorization has not been employed reliably.

As a result, in regard to any Pokémon designated as “Rabbit Pokémon,” our classification will also include Pokémon that seem to be rabbits but belong to different PokéDex categories. We could now give our comprehensive overview of all 8 Rabbit Pokémon inside this series just since Generation VIII.



AZUMARILL Rabbit Pokemon

Pokémon that had a dual Water/Fairy type, Azumarill, were first debuted in Generation II. It was first categorized as a Pokémon of the Water type, but that classification was altered as the Fairy type was introduced. In the PokéDex, it is ranked as #184. At level 18, Marill—the ancestor of Azurill’s last mutation, Azumarill—started to mature.




A Perfectly natural Pokémon called Buneary first debuted in Generation IV. In the PokéDex, it is mentioned as #427. Buneary was the very first fully Rabbit-based Pokémon to appear in the anime. Buneary changes into Lopunny when it advances in stages and forms strong bonds with a handful of its trainers.




As that of the development of Buneary, Lopunny is a Regular Pokémon that debuted in Generation IV. In the PokéDex, it is mentioned as #428. When Buneary reaches a specific generation and has a certain level of friendliness, he often turns into Lopunny. A Lopunnite has the potential to unleash the Massive version of Lopunny.




Bunnelby appears to be a Normal-type Pokémon that would have been originally made available in Generation VI. It is ranked #659 in the PokéDex. The tiny rabbit-like Pokémon Bunnelby is categorized as a Digging Pokémon because it uses its ears for excavation instead of hunting. The only advancement for Bunnelby is Diggersby, with the ability to be unlocked at level 20.




Diggersby, a Pokémon with a dual Normal/Ground category, made its first appearance in Generation VI. This digging Pokémon resembling a rabbit and using its large ears for digging, cannot be categorized as a rabbit Pokémon despite looking like one. The primary development of Bunnely, Diggersby, first emerges at level 20.




Scorbunny debuted its PokéDex premiere at position 813 as merely the Major weapon for Generation VIII. A Pokémon of the Fire-type, it. The fact that it resembles a bunny makes it a member of the rabbit-type of Pokémon. Scorbunny can develop into Raboot (at level 16) and Cinderace, like other starting Pokémon (at level 35). This is also the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon: Sword & Shield.




Pokémon of the Fire-type Raboot first appeared in Generation VIII. It holds position 814 throughout the PokéDex. Scorbunny, being one of the three Generation VIII starting Pokémon, would this be Rabbit Pokémon’s initial development? Having started at rank 16, Scorbunny transforms into Raboot, and at level 35, Raboot transforms into Cinderace.




Raboot is a Fire-type Pokémon that originally debuted in Generation VIII. It is listed as having the PokéDex rank 814. This would represent the beginning of the evolution of the Rabbit Pokémon, Scorbunny, being one of the three Generation VIII starter Pokémon. Scorbunny changes into Raboot at rank 16, and at level 35, Raboot changes into Cinderace.

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