Does Choji Die? Naruto Facts on The Death of Choji

Fans were curious to know about this. “Does Choji die?” this question arose as many were not sure about Choji’s death.  Continue reading the article to know more information!!

does choji die
Does Choji die?


Choji Akimichi debuted with Shikamaru and Ino as one of Naruto’s most famous shinobi. Despite his blubbery look, he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is deserving of the title of ninja, capable of enlarging his body and directing his chakra into lethal attacks.


Does Choji Die in Naruto?

Only the most ardent fans will know the answer to this question right away. The majority of other fans and casual viewers will have to ponder before acknowledging that they are unsure.

This is, of course, unsurprising. After all, Choji had so many close calls with death that, understandably, people are perplexed when the subject of his death comes up, but more on that later. Choji has survived several near-death encounters, including his fight with Jirobo and the Akatsuki Suppression Mission.

The correct answer to this question is that in the Naruto series, Choji does not die.


Does Choji kill Jirobo?

Choji fights Jirobo in the Kidomaru episode.

Is Choji responsible for Jirobo’s death? Yes, Choji was responsible for Jirobo’s death. The Sound ninja initially overpowered Choji, but he used the Akimichi clan’s secret Three Coloured Pills to boost his strength and eliminate Jirobo.

Jirobo tries to kill Choji by Slamming Boulder, but he moves quickly enough to evade it. Jirobo attempts again, but Choji stops him with his fist.

Choji has slimmed down and sprouted massive chakra butterfly wings. He then uses his Butterfly Bomb strike to finish Jirobo out, killing him.

Choji takes the pill while thinking of Shikamaru Nara, allowing him to overpower and kill Jirobo effortlessly. Choji begins to follow his friends’ journey after winning the battle, but he falls unconscious before getting too far.


Who did Choji marry?

Who did Choji settle down with? Chouji and Karui are married and have a daughter named ChoCho, as revealed in the final chapter. Karui has stated that she admires Choji’s wonderful traits, so she adores him. Karui Akimichi is a member of Team Samui and a kunoichi from Kumogakure. Later, she married Choji Akimichi and moved to Konohagakure, becoming a member of the Akimichi clan.

Karui and Choji had a daughter together. Because Choji and Karui never interacted in the series, that disclosure came as a complete shock. The only time viewers see the two together before Chocho’s birth is in a cameo appearance in The Last: Naruto The Movie.


Near-Death Experiences

Choji vs. Jirobo

Choji uses the Partial Multi-Size Technique on Jirobo after taking the Yellow Pill. Then he employs Super Multi-Size Technique on Jirobo, crushing him with his massive stomach. Choji appears to have won until Jirobo enters the Second State and tosses Choji into the air. Choji is in such a poor condition that he is unable to move. He knows he will die if he swallows the Red pill, yet he does so anyhow. Jirobo attempts to kill Choji by Slamming Boulder, but he avoids it by moving rapidly. Jirobo tries again, but Choji slams his fist on the wall. Choji has slimmed down and sprouted enormous chakra butterfly wings. He then uses his Butterfly Bomb strike to finish Jirobo out, killing him. Choji then limps toward a tree where Shikamaru, Naruto, and Kiba had written him a message instructing him to catch up with them. He then mutters that he has made some wonderful pals before collapsing, seemingly dead, on the tree.

Jirobo was branded with a powerful cursed seal from Orochimaru, which enhances his physical strength as the seal transforms, eventually transforming into a Level 2 Cursed seal form that drastically alters his appearance and gives him extraordinary strength for the Naruto series at the time.

Team 7 and Kakashi vs. Hidan and Kakuzi

“Team 7 Assemble” is Chapter 492.

When Hidan, a member of the Akatsuki team, came face to face with Team Kakashi, he interrupted his ritual murder to bemoan the fact that they were interrupting him at an inopportune time. Hidan had to stop killing Asuma’s troops briefly because his teammate Kakuzu had just gotten some crucial intelligence. Hidan appears to be a subordinate to Kakuzu based on how he refers to him.

Perhaps it was because of this feeling that he made a mistake when battling Naruto, enabling Naruto to land a Rasengan on his chest because he knew he couldn’t win. Hidan’s immortality was shattered due to the harm, so Kakuzu utilized another Jashinist ritual to transform him back into the original statue of flesh. Asuma’s squad isn’t above criticizing him for this result now that they’ve seen it.



I hope this article made the Choji concept clear to you. Choji doesn’t die but does survive the worst situations. Thank you for choosing and reading our article.

Naruto is an entertaining and interesting anime series to watch. Do try it out! Thank you, peace!



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