How Many Times Has Goku Died?

Fans keep wondering how many times has Goku died in Dragon Ball series. The answer is surprising. Continue reading the article to know more information!!

How Many Times Has Goku Died
Goku’s Death Count


Goku is presented as a strange, monkey-tailed young fellow who trains martial arts and has incredible superhuman skills. He finds Bulma and accompanies her on a quest to discover the 7 Dragon Balls that grant wishes. All along, he meets new people who join him in his pursuit of becoming a better fighter.

Son Goku has perished numerous times despite being the central avatar throughout the Dragon Ball series. Goku had died five times, but Goku had died only two times throughout the cannon chronology. Goku had died five times, and Goku had died five times, but only twice. He gave his life to vanquish Raditz and protect the planet from the self-destructive explosion of Semi-Perfect Cell.


Sacrifice Against Raditz

His first death was a sacrifice made so that it would protect Gohan against Raditz. Piccolo powered up his Beam Cannon, getting the second set of the explosion as it sailed via Raditiz, while Goku placed his brother in what seemed like a complete nelson headlock.

Because Goku believed the Dragon Balls might keep him alive, his death was less concerning than future events to the rest of the cast.


Sacrifice Against Semi-Perfect Cell

Even while the cell Games Saga, Goku died the second time by being sacrificial. The cell was overpowered by Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 metamorphosis, prompting him to perform a last-ditch self-destructive explosion. After using Instant Transmission to transfer Cell’s blast to King Kai’s planet, Goku died after seven years. During the catastrophe, he killed King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory.


Does Hit Kill Goku?

Goku dies a third time in the canon chronology, but it’s almost a formality. Utilizing his Phoenix Eye Fist, Hit manages to murder Goku. Before even being hit, Goku fired a Ki Blast into the air, which landed on himself and resuscitated him.

This occurs during the anime-only “Future” Trunks Saga, which is not depicted as in the manga. The Dragon Balls did not even have to bring Goku back after he died.


Zamasu Kills Goku

The Supreme Kai Apprentice assassinated Goku and his relatives in an alt dimension when Beerus didn’t overthrow Zamasu. Because this isn’t the primary timeframe, Goku’s death isn’t comparable.


Heart Disease Timeline

Finally, within the timeline of Future Trunks, Goku died of a heart infection. In Androids 17 and 18, Future Trunks returned 20 years through time to offer treatment to treat Goku while also alerting him of impending peril.


Although Goku’s fatalities pressure the other Z Fighters to restore him at appropriate times to resume the combat, he never expires. Frieza doesn’t kill Goku; therefore, not every big foe he encounters is a deadly danger.

Goku has perished five times, although only two times in the canon chronology. He unleashed the self-destructive explosion of the Instant Transmission Semi-Perfect Cell to destroy his brother Raditz.


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