Does Naruto Use Sage Mode In Boruto?

Fans of Naruto started to worry if Kurama would return to employing Sage Mode after the tragic death of Kurama. Does Naruto employ Sage Mode in Boruto since the Manga is more up-to-date than the anime?

Does Naruto Use Sage Mode In Boruto

In Boruto, Naruto adopts Sage Mode to combat Code. People surrounding him believe it would be risky to continue getting involved in disputes after losing Kurama. Then Naruto activates Sage Mode and asks, “Have you forgotten who your Dad is?” After employing Baryon Mode and losing Kurama, Sage Mode became Naruto’s best alternative. In chapter #64, Sage Mode was displayed to reassure Hinata and Himawari that he would safely return Kawaki and Boruto to their home.


Naruto Employs Sage Mode to Combat Code.

Naruto uses the Leaf Village’s sensory device in chapter #64 to find Boruto and Kawaki’s chakra. Kawaki ran away from the Uzumaki residence so he could battle Code alone. Related to the latest loss of Kurama and all the power that went along with it, he didn’t like to engage Naruto. Shikamaru appears unexpectedly. He informs Naruto that Kawaki may already have been found and killed by Code. Shikamaru claims that out of fear of the demise of Kurama’s authority, he wishes to join Naruto in the upcoming battle. Sai is on security duty for Amado while Sasuke is still out looking for Code. Shikamaru wants to help Naruto even though the endeavor is risky.

Then Hinata goes outside. She adamantly wants to participate in the battle, but Naruto also points out the sadness of losing both of them, including their daughter, Himawari. Naruto bursts into Sage Mode to persuade Himawari that he will return Boruto and Kawaki safely. Of course, have you forgotten who your father is, he asks.


So there you have it. In Boruto, Naruto employs Sage Mode all through his battle with Code. After having to lose Kurama’s chakra powers, Sage Mode seems to be his best alternative.


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