How Does Naruto Walk on Water?

The Naruto series frequently features battles on the water’s surface. Naruto can walk on water, but how? Continue reading to know the facts.

Naruto walks on water
How Does Naruto Walk on Water?

By constantly releasing a tiny portion of chakra through his foot, Naruto can walk on water. Naruto’s body can only remain on the ground with the regular modification of the chakra. Any ninja using the technique needs to adjust their chakra according to their body composition. Jonin Ebisu instructs him in the method at Kakashi’s request. Later, Jiraiya repairs his Nine-Tails seal so that Naruto can more readily walk on water. Because he had enough chakra, Naruto struggled with control.


Naruto Learns From Ebisu How To Walk On Water

In chapter #90, jonin-level instructor Ebisu takes Naruto under his wing. Ebisu’s lack of foundational skills compared to Sasuke and Sakura prompted Kakashi to personally suggest that he train with Naruto. The two set out on their very first training exercise—walking on water—at a hot spring. The workout that Naruto performed while being in the Mist village to climb trees without using his hands has advanced to this level. To climb a tree, all you have to do is accumulate the required amount of chakra in one location, according to Ebisu. The chakra must be kept balanced the entire time. Since the wood is a stationary object, Ninja must just maintain their foot’s attachment to the tree like something of a suction cup. Ebisu said, “You get to constantly emit a small bit of chakra through your feet into the water’s surface to walk on water. Chakras must be continuously adjusted for your body to stand. The trainer then gives Naruto a real demonstration. He started by collecting chakra on the bottoms of his feet. Ebisu adjusted the stream to his body weight while continuing to generate chakra at a specified rate.

So there you have it. Naruto can walk on water by emitting chakra constantly and consistently from his feet. He then fine-tunes the chakra so that his body floats above the water’s surface.


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