Does Naruto Visit The Great Naruto Bridge?

He promised to return someday, but does Naruto ever visit The Great Naruto Bridge? Continue reading to find out!!

The Great Naruto Bridge
Does Naruto Visit The Great Naruto Bridge

Regrettably, Naruto doesn’t visit the great Naruto bridge after leaving the Mist Village. He somehow doesn’t return to the neighborhood again in the story.

The Mistlands don’t seem to have more time in the spotlight later in the plot. Cast members from the neighborhood remain present, but Naruto never returns there again.


Naruto leaves behind the Great Naruto Bridge

In chapter #33, Naruto and Team 7 have skillfully guarded the building of a bridge in Land of the Mist for two weeks. A major conflict erupted between an organized crime supervisor and a violent slayer named Zabuza. Sasuke guards Naruto against Haku, a young child with a mysterious jutsu who travels with Zabuza. The conflict ends when the residents of the tiny Mist town band together to drive out the organized enemies.

The genius bridge builder and his grandson, Inari, bid farewell to Team 7. The bridge was completed successfully; huge kudos to Team 7. Kakashi expresses gratitude to the construction manager for his hospitality, and Naruto vows Inari that he will return to play with him anyway someday.

Instead of Team 7 departing for their come back to the Leaf Village, Naruto and Inari exchange a tearful farewell.


According to the bridge contractor, Naruto touched Inari’s heart, and Inari then tried to touch the heart and souls of the others in town. “Naruto started building the bridge that brought all of us hope and confidence!”

The bridge’s official name hasn’t even been chosen. The constructor chooses “The Great Naruto Bridge” as the only title that “will indeed perfectly fit.”

The architect believes the moniker will guarantee the bridge’s enchantment. As a representation of success and tenacity, it is envisioned as achieving super-fame throughout the globe.

Later in the episode, Naruto will not go to the Great Naruto Bridge. Beyond this point, the Mist region is entirely desolate because defections make the only references to it of ninjas from the area.

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