Why Does Tanjiro Have Water Powers?

In the world of Demon Slayer, many distinct types of elemental breathing exist. But why does Tanjiro possess aquatic abilities? Continue reading to know more!!

Why Does Tanjiro Have Water Powers
Why Does Tanjiro Have Water Powers?

Tanjiro’s training by Urokodaki, the previous Water Hashira, gave him the ability to control water. Additionally, the Water Hashira of the moment, Giyu, suggested him for the practice. The boy is discovered by Giyu entirely by chance. Tanjiro acquired water inhaling skills because he had no other options for practicing at the time. Later, he finds that fire breathing is much more in line with his natural breathing style, but Tanjiro keeps the water breathing techniques he acquires. 

Tanjiro Masters The Usage Of His Water Abilities:

Water Hashira appears in chapter 3 Giyu wrote an open letter regarding Tanjiro to his sensei and former Water Hashira, Urokodaki. According to the telegram, the youngster who states he wants to become a warrior who kills demons is being sent to Urokodaki. The letter continues by noting Tanjiro’s bravery in taking on Giyu unarmed. Giyu provides background on how he first encountered Tanjiro by revealing that he is a demon assault survivor and that his sister, Nezuko, has turned into a demon. Nezuko decides against attacking others and conceals her fangs with bamboo. Giyu claims to have a distinct impression of Tanjiro and Nezuko compared to the rest. Tanjiro shares Urokodaki’s keen sense of smell.

Giyu believes that Tanjiro might be deserving to retain the water breathing practices. Kindly instruct him, Giyu wrote. Please forgive me; I understand this is a greedy request. Tanjiro learns the techniques for water breathing after reaching and is placed under Urokodaki’s wing. Despite Tanjiro’s natural ability to breathe fire, he eventually learns how to breathe water. He currently seems to have no opportunity to determine what his native elemental breathing pattern might be. According to Tanjiro, he is the very first swordsman in his family. That then becomes the solution. Tanjiro acquired his water abilities since it was his first opportunity to receive demon slaying lessons.

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