How Did Tanjiro Get His Scar? Crucial Incident Explained

Tanjiro’s scar was one of the most discussed topic by Demon Slayer fans. Wondering how did Tanjiro get his scar? Continue reading to learn more!!

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How Did Tanjiro Get His Scar

Tanjiro Kamado’s mark has always been a mysterious and enticing motif since the beginning of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. It was formerly thought that Tanjiro’s scar on the upper right of his skull resulted from protecting his sibling from a hot water pot that was about to fall. However, after being struck by a Hand Demon and also being thrown into a tree in Part 4, the disguise he was wearing at the time also collides with his skull, aggravating the scar and causing serious wounds.

Tanjiro’s head is bled or healed for multiple episodes after taking the hit right wherever his scar is visible. When he finally removes the bandages, the scar is now a sharp, dark crimson line, and has a completely new look.


What Caused Tanjiro’s Scar? Describe the incident

While defending his brother from a toppled brazier, Tanjiro sustained his scars. These are transportable warmers used to warm food as well as hold lit embers. Tanjiro first sustained a scar while defending his sibling, but he eventually evolved a Demon Slayer Scar there.


In chapter #81, Jurousan, the dad of Rengoku, addressed Tanjiro. He expressed regret for being impolite and provided some information about Tanjiro’s Sun Breath skills.


The designated bearers of the Sun Breath, according to Jurousan’s message, all share the same scar. On each forehead were red birthmarks. Tanjiro explains in his rejoinder as follows:

“This isn’t a birthmark. This is a burn scar I got when I shielded my brother after he knocked down the brazier. Then I wounded it more during the ‘Final Selection’ and that’s how it came to be.”

Chapter #81

Then Tanjiro says he recalls hearing that his father seemed to have a small scar on the forehead.

The Importance of Tanjiro’s Scar’s Origin

Even though Tanjiro didn’t naturally have the scar, it nevertheless seemed to expand and change in response to Tanjiro’s strength.


His initial scar was barely noticeable. Its original version, which we first saw at the beginning of the episode, is slightly pink. After participating in the “Final Selection,” the scar on Tanjiro’s forehead got larger and darker.


The wound evolved into a Demon Slayer Scar. These markings can either be inherited from conception or acquired later in life. Tanjiro’s scar appears to have developed naturally as a result of the brazier scorching, but the Demon Slayer Mark grew in over the same area and blended the two marks.

After Tanjiro used Sun Breathing skills to beat Rui, his scar changed in color and size. As his strength and fighting prowess increased later in the novel, the scar also changed.


Tanjiro’s scar was caused by him protecting their brother from a brazier fire. The first scar was caused by the heat of the kettle, but he subsequently grew a Demon Slayer Scar there.

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