How Did Dabi Get His Scars? Facts and Spoilers

Dabi had to go through a lot when he was young. Want to know how Dabi got his scars? Well, continue reading to know the facts!!

How Did Dabi Get His Scars
How Did Dabi Get His Scars

Dabi’s deep purple wounds are a heartbreaking reminder of his tragic past. Why did Dabi receive his markings? They have been evident on him since the series’ first season.

Dabi suffered injuries in a freak event as a young child. Toya, the eldest brother of Endeavor, is what he’s all about. During a practice session, his peculiarity proved too strong for his body, and the plumes of smoke engulfed him.

Toya’s flames were more powerful than his father’s, even if he lacked the perfect fire/ice combo peculiarity that Endeavor had expected. Considering his son’s quirk, Endeavor knew that excessive heat might become a problem, and circumstances seemed to worsen one day when Toya caught fire.

Endeavor Explains How Dabi Got His Scars

After Toya revealed his true self to society in chapter #291, Endeavor reflected on the event that appeared to have taken his son’s life.

“The winter winds howled that day, and the air was dry. In the past, I used to train up on Sekoto Peak, and it was there that Toya burned to death.”

Endeavor’s Attempt to Narrate Toya’s Last Day | Chapter #291

Endeavor explained that Toya burned above 2,000 degrees C and that his remains had never been discovered. His bones had been destroyed by fire, and the air mass of the fire had widely dispersed them. Only a piece of Toya’s bottom jawbone, according to Endeavor, was discovered.

Toya’s flames were stronger than his dad’s, even though he didn’t have enough ice/fire quirky fusion Endeavor had hoped for. Even though Toya lacked a solution to the inevitable drawback of heat generation, Endeavor claims that he still aimed to elevate him to the status of a hero.

Endeavor persisted in obsessing over the idea of having a kid both with the ice and fire quirks. Even though his two other offspring only inherited the icy quirk, Endeavor nevertheless put Toya’s future aspirations on her shoulder due to her skilled use of fire. As a result, difficult practice sessions were held. And Toya appeared to give up control of his strong peculiarity, causing him to inflict scars on his body.

Related Questions

Why Does Dabi Have Purple Skin?

Dabi scorched himself, which is why his skin is purple. His physique lends him to an ice-type peculiarity, but Endeavor is no fit for the power of his flame. When Dabi utilizes his peculiarity too much, the combo leads him to scorch his own body and develop purple pigmentation. This clashes with his siblings’ extremely feeble ice oddities, Natsuo and Fuyumi.

Why Does Dabi Have Staples?

Dabi’s skin is held together through staples on his face. Due to the frequent usage of his flame peculiarity, Dabi’s purple skin is separating and flaking away, and indeed the staples aid in keeping his skin attached to his face. His skin is incompatible with Endeavor’s flame quirk because his physique is designed for an ice-type peculiarity.

Why Does Dabi Have Blue Fire?

Due to the extraordinarily high temperatures of his flame quirk, Dabi has bluish fire. Dabi’s blue fire seems more potent than Endeavor nor Shoto’s flame since blue flames only appear at extremely elevated temperatures. The ice oddities of his brothers Natsuo and Fuyumi appear to be relatively weak.

Why Is Dabi Burned?

Dabi burns since his physique cannot withstand the power of his quirk. Endeavor commented that although his boy had strong flames, his mom’s frail condition meant that Dabi’s physique was unfit to regulate his peculiarity effectively. Dabi unintentionally burnt himself during a practice session due to a personal quirk.

What Is Dabi’s Full Name?

Toya Todoroki is the full name of Dabi. He is Shoto’s older sibling and Endeavor’s child.

Dabi’s wounds result from practicing alongside his dad, Endeavor, when he was a young child. His peculiarity overcame his frail body and left him permanently damaged.

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