Tengen Uzui’s Wives: Names, Cast & Why He Has Three

In the Demon slayer series, an important character is Tengen Uzui. You may have wondered why Tengen Uzui has three wives. Here are details about Tengen Uzui’s Wives: Names, Cast & Why He Has Three

Tengen Uzui's Wives: Names, Cast & Why He Has Three
Tengen Uzui’s Wives: Names, Cast & Why He Has Three

At first, he was the main character, but later in the Amusement Area plot, he played a significant part. This character is 23 years old and has 3 wives. He has three wives, namely Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru. As a result of the anime not revealing the depths of each character’s biographies, three of them briefly wed Tengen (simultaneously). He said when questioned that it was due to his flamboyance, although there is a persistent belief that it may be a cultural custom for Tengen. In this article, Tengen’s wives and cast details are detailed below.


How many spouses did Tengen Uzui have?

  • As mentioned in the manga, Tengen has three wives.
  • Although it may seem unusual from a modern perspective, you must consider the fact that it isn’t all that unusual, and different cultures and empires have different marriage-related rules.



  • Her eyes are large, and her hair is very dark. She has two pale brown strands on both sides and a black hairstyle in a pony. She wears a small, strapless gown with a wide neckline, a straight line, and a belt knotted around the waist.
  • Bandages extend to her toes and wrap her thighs. Makio is a tough and sensible young woman.
  • As her husband and Tanjiro engaged Gyutaro in combat, she and Sumi protected every individual in the neighborhood. Makyo wed Tengen together with Suma and Hinatsuru at a certain stage in life.
  • After she departed from residence, her family made their way to Kagaya Ubuyashiki to take part in the demon slayers’ battles.



  • Suma is Tengen’s 2nd wife. She wears a white ribbon around her white sleeveless clothing and thick, silky black hair. Suma is a delicate young lady.
  • Despite her inconveniences and interruptions, she is a skilled shinobi. The young woman has all the talents of a shinobi, but in contrast to previous wives, she used a kunai instead of a sword.



  • Hinatsuru is Tengen’s third partner. Hinatsuru’s heavy, darker hair is tied back in a high ponytail. She has a tiny mole below her left eye. Hinatsuru is dressed in a sleeveless yukata that is printed with small, black squares. Her hands are holding a trap.
  • In her battle with Gyutaro, she used a weapon containing numerous kunai that contained wisteria toxin. Just too temporarily paralyzing the monster, she fired them at it.


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