Why Did Todoroki Lose To Bakugo? – Final Match

The duo represents important Class 1-A fighters, but Bakugo defeated Todoroki even during Sports Festival. Why Did Todoroki Lose To Bakugo? Read on to find out.

Why Did Todoroki Lose To Bakugo
Why Did Todoroki Lose To Bakugo

Because Todoroki wasn’t prepared to be using his left side, he was forced to lose against Bakugo. He also needed some time to gather his thoughts because he was still shaken up after the battle with Deku. By burning his own flames rather than defending himself, he ultimately allowed Bakugo to win the battle.

Todoroki Falls Short To Bakugo

In chapter #43, Bakugo and Todoroki compete in the Sports Festival’s championship game. The audience notes that Todoroki doesn’t appear to be as invested in the battle as he did when against Deku. He constructs a shield of ice to keep Bakugo at bay and avoid direct conflict. As the battle drags on, Bakugo grows more and more frustrated. To see if Todoroki would utilize his left hand, he eventually goes out of his way to purposely get caught in it. Bakugo got further angrier when Todoroki refused to use the fireside of his peculiarity.

Todokori was inspired by the audience and used his fire trick as a result. He recalls his parents’ expressions and extinguishes his own flames as he blows them off to shield himself from Bakugo’s explosion. The last round was won by Bakugo.

Talks With All Might, Todoroki

All Might presents medals to the top 3 competitors in the Sports Festival 1-1 tournament in chapter #44. In the decisive game, he claims Todoroki is restricted for not using his left side. Todoroki claims that his bout with Midoriya prevented him from using all of his power. Todoroki said, “I guess I’ve lost my way.

“I’ve constantly desired to be a superhero like you, but I can’t just forget about it and move on,” she said. He claims that’s insufficient because there is still an essential matter that needs to be resolved first. Because of Endeavor, Todoroki’s mother is now in the hospital, and he despises his father for severing their family ties.

So there you have it. Todorki would just have to lose to Bakugo because he had been preoccupied with his upcoming match with Deku. Out of unhappiness with his family members, he didn’t like to use his left side against Todoroki.


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