Why Does Yuji Itadori Watch Movies?

Gojo asks Itadori to view as many various sorts of films as he can, which is an unusual training method. Have you ever wondered why does Yuji Itadori watch movies?

why does Yuji Itadori watch movies
why does Yuji Itadori watch movies

Movies are a requirement for Yuji Itadori since they educate him on how to regulate his cursed energy. He experiences many emotions because of the films, and he has to understand how to handle the flow of cursed energy well under all circumstances. If Yuji’s cursed energy isn’t stabilized, the school’s principal tries to offer a cursed corpse that would attack him. Gojo placed the item under Yuji’s care so he could practice with it.

Gojo Advises Yuji Itadori To View Several Films

Gojo advises Yuji to start watching films in chapter #13. Yuji must watch movies all day long, whether they are French or niche horror movies. The principal’s cursed corpse is subsequently given to Yuji. When the corpse awakens, it becomes aggressive and will attack Yuji unless a continuous stream of cursed energy is applied to it. Gojo continues by saying that viewing a variety of films will stimulate all kinds of sensations, including those which make you feel better or smile. Yuji can now manage the flow of his cursed energy at all under the circumstance, thanks to his practice. Giving too much or too little will not work, says Gojo.

Initially, the corpse will be able to equal Yuji’s low-level cursed energy. It gets harder as even more power is accessible as the cursed energy stabilizes more regularly over time. Yuji initially struggled. He rapidly realizes that drinking cola as the cursed body leaps on him was a bad idea.

So there you have it. Yuji Itadori must watch movies in order to maintain his cursed energy under influence. If he shows any thoughts and feelings, his cursed energy will become out of balance. He must gain knowledge of how to feel emotions while also maintaining stabilized cursed energy. And thus is the answer to the question of why does Yuji Itadori watch movies.


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