Why Does Deku Wear A Yellow Scarf?

Deku wears a colourful scarf as an odd accessory to his hero outfit in the most recent manga chapters. And why does Deku wear a yellow scarf?

Why Does Deku Wear A Yellow Scarf?

Deku opts for a yellow scarf as a gift from Gran Torino. Deku tends to stop by Gran Torino’s hospital room after deciding to leave U.A. and chase the League of Villians of his own and obtains the yellow scarf. Gran Torino offered some suggestions regarding how he should handle Shigaraki and, indeed, the League before being forced to turn over the scarf.

Deku’s Physician Releases Him

Deku initiated the process of being released from the hospital in chapter 309. The Demon Liberation War has subsided, and owing to Recovery Girl and cutting-edge medical technology, many casualties have already been cured. A doctor reminds Deku of a previous caution that serious wounds can cause his physique to become immobile. Deku was capable of preventing his limbs from breaking by using his special ability to strengthen them from within. Deku announces his decision to leave U.A. at this point and tells his mother and All Might as well. No time at the academy would ever have been secure because Shigaraki had the capacity to find him.

Shigaraki would accomplish considerably more harm than what has already been done if he had been to hit maximum power. Before that occurs, Deku believes it is his duty to drop out of school and take down Shigaraki and All For One. Even though All Might claims he simply can not stop Deku from leaving, he is at least prepared to travel with Deku and watch over him. All Might had previously vowed to Deku’s mother that he would safeguard and educate him. Deku needs to be prepared to assume the role of the Symbol of Peace once All Might starts to weaken. Gran Torino apologizes for not making the killing as he offers Deku his yellow scarf. “Stop being so stiff. Another method that would save someone is by killing them. Deku is warned by Gran Torino never again to overlook that. But in any case, he must defeat the League of Villains. Deku then wraps the yellow scarf around himself and wears it as he does hero duties by himself.

So there you have it. Deku opts to adorn a yellow scarf. as a gift from Gran Torino. Gran Torino provides Deku with his old yellow scarf to wear after choosing to leave U.A. and lookup for Shigaraki solely.

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