Why Does Naruto Use Shadow Clones So Much?

Why would Naruto employ shadow clones so frequently since it’s so closely associated with his personality and most instantly recognizable move? Continue reading now!!

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Shadow clones are the first advanced ninjutsu Naruto learns, which explains why he employs them so frequently. In chapter 1, he acquired a banned scroll that instructed him about how to use more than a thousand solid-shadow clones. Naruto has used this method ever since because it naturally occurs to him. He first struggled with the shadow clone method in the class. He failed the curriculum because of it and is consequently put back a year.


Naruto Gains Expertise with His Shadow Clones

Mizuki tries to persuade Naruto to take a prohibited scroll in chapter 1. Naruto gets hold of it and peeks inside. His first encounter is with “many doppelgangers,” also referred to as shadow clones. Because shadow clones are his weakest ability and the purpose he can’t graduate from the training center, Naruto is first upset. Once word spreads that Naruto obtained a forbidden scroll, all Jonin in the community quickly evacuate, making it easy for Iruka sensei to track down Naruto. Iruka is impressed by Naruto’s efforts to perfect the illegal techniques to graduate, even though at first he thinks it was a joke.

After revealing that Mizuki instructed him to grab the banned scroll, Naruto suddenly comes under attack from the rogue ninja. Mizuki explains the reasons behind Naruto’s childhood dislike and the reality of his Demon Fox. Naruto utilizes the banned shadow clone Jutsu move he learned from the scroll to try to save Iruka. Mizuki is attacked by a thousand shadow clones that materialize. Iruka, who is in wonder, remarks that He not only created a thousand shadow clones, but he also made them all real rather than just an illusion. Iruka worries if Naruto could ever exceed the Hokage’s because he views this one as a powerful Jutsu. This then would be the solution. Because shadow clones are the first powerful Jutsu Naruto masters, he performs them frequently. The process came to him very easily when he grabbed a banned scroll that contained instructions on how to make more than a thousand solid clones.


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