Who Is Joy Boy In One Piece?

Wondering who is Joy Boy in One Piece? Joy boy being one of the popular characters among Manga world. Continue reading to discover more about him.

Who Is Joy Boy In One Piece
Who Is Joy Boy In One Piece

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda is packed with secrets and unexpected twists that are not in any way strange, considering the manga seems to be more than 20 years old and contains well over 1,000 chapters. One of the major secrets from the entire manga was the identity of Joy Boy, a nearly mythical character. While some of these wonders are greater, others are less significant. Now, Joy Boy was first revealed in 2011, and it appears that it required Oda a total of eleven years to identify this strange personality.

Joy Boy, a key player in the history of Fish-Man Island, was left underneath a particular object on the final island of the Grand Line that was of immeasurable value. Because he is predicted to return in about 900 years, “Joy Boy” refers specifically to a rank or personality one could acquire. On March 14, 2022, Chapter 1043, which supposedly confirms Luffy’s identity as Joy Boy All Along, will be released. We’ll reveal all of it we know regarding the One Piece franchise character Joy Boy in the remaining sections of this essay. You’ll gain insight into the character’s background and reputation while also seeing how the approaching Chapter 1043 appears to end the ten-year identity dilemma that has surrounded Joy Boy.


Joy Boy: Who Or What Exactly Is He?

Joy Boy seems to have been a character that lived in the Void Century and had a significant impact on Fish-Man Island’s history. He was initially referenced in the Poneglyph of the Sea Forest. Joy Boy brought Noah to Fishman Island 900 years ago, and the poneglyphs on which he inscribed his apologies were created eight centuries earlier. This would imply that Joy Boy was around and signed for over a decade. The One Piece had previously belonged to Joy Boy, at least partially. The people of Fish-Man Island pledged their loyalty to Joy Boy some nine hundred years ago. He gave them Noah, which would also play a fundamental part in the future, but it appears that Joy Boy could not maintain his word.

The residents of Fish-Man Island pledged to protect Noah until a specific day arrived. Joy Boy apologizes to Poseidon in a message found in the abovementioned poneglyph for not upholding his obligations under the contract. He was Zunesha’s companion as well. And at a certain point, Joy Boy left behind a portion of the wealth that would later be referred to as the One Piece when he traveled to the last island of the Grand Line. When Monkey D. Luffy was instructed to defend the island at all costs, regardless of whether it meant ultimately destroying Noah, the Fish-Man Island vow was partially violated during the circumstances of the Fish-Man Island arc. The method.

A squad of Sea Kings that Shirahoshi unintentionally summoned managed to stop Noah before Luffy utterly destroyed it, preserving Fish-Man Island and upholding the nation’s commitment to Joy Boy. The boat was still seriously harmed, though. Later, the ship was taken to the Sea Forest by the sea kings, where repairs would be made. Over and over again, the image of Joy Boy has indeed been portrayed as a term eager to be released into the globe. Oden stated that he intended to open Wano Country “before Joy Boy’s entrance.” Kaido said that “he wouldn’t have been Joy Boy either” after defeating Luffy on a second attempt. It now appears that Kaido’s hypothesis was incorrect.


Have Joy Boy’s Details Been Made Public?

The identification of the Joy Boy may eventually be disclosed, according to the promo for Chapter 1043, “Let’s Die Together,” which will be released on March 14, 2022. Now, individuals understand that there had been wild guesses, both in-universe and within the fan community, about the existence of the Joy Boy character and the hypotheses that it was a headline consistently proven to be accurate. The big disclosure was made possible by the wandering elephant Zunesha’s emergence, as Zunesha had a connection to the first Joy Boy from 800 years prior and, therefore, would seem to be able to identify him. Chapter 1043’s preview panel demonstrated the following: Following Luffy’s fight with Kaidou, this scene occurs.

As Zunesha comes and discovers him, Luffy is lying on the ground, devastated but grinning, and he appears to recognize his old friend. This implies that the series’ main character, Monkey D. Luffy, was Joy Boy right from the beginning. Such a hypothesis would make logical sense. Even though this is only a preview panel and the full scene must be seen, it appears that the puzzle surrounding Joy Boy has been fully resolved.


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