What Episode Does Sasuke come back?

Sasuke’s reappearance was the most awaited episode(The Unison Sign) in Naruto. Continue reading the article to know more information!!

What Episode Does Sasuke come back
Sasuke come back episode

Sasuke Uchiha is one of Konohagakure’s few surviving Uchiha clan members. After his brother, Itachi ruined their clan, he made it his life’s purpose to assassinate Itachi. When he becomes a ninja, he joins Team 7 and begins defining his talents through competition with his competitor and best friend, Naruto Uzumaki.

When Does Sasuke Come Back? Episode Check

In Naruto Shippuden episode #478, Sasuke reappears. “The Unison Sign” is the title of the episode. He is unable to remain away from Leaf Village indefinitely. After the 4th Great Ninja War, he returns to his home Leaf Community to assist in protecting the village from invaders. He returns to the village, only stopping by for brief visits and appearances when needed.

What Made Sasuke Good Again?

Naruto never gave up on Sasuke; thus, he became good again. Naruto insisted on getting through, persuading him to end the cycle of hatred. He acknowledged Naruto’s ninja method of relieving one another’s misery after the two fought their decisive battle.


Do Naruto and Sasuke Become Friends Again?

Naruto and Sasuke have rekindled their friendship. Even though the Uchiha frequently works outside the hamlet, they remain good friends. When the two meet up as adults, their childhood dynamics come full force. Meetings about village issues are part of their duty as Hokage and Shadow Kage.


What Episode Does He Bring Orochimaru Back?

In episode 114, Sasuke beheaded Orochimaru, but he wasn’t dead. Sasuke revives him with the evil reviving Jutsu, which is the polar opposite of the evil sealing jutsu, in episode 341 titled Orachimaru’s Return.


Why is Sasuke Never Home?

Sasuke never returns home since his duties take him away from the village. As the Shadow Kage, his job is to go on single special operations missions that only he can complete. These additional obligations come with Sasuke’s combined rinnegan and Sharingan. He’s also never at home because he believes he’s still making amends for his transgressions. Despite Naruto’s assurances that the village forgives him, he still feels uneasy going around Konoha as if nothing has occurred.

Why Did Sasuke Turn Evil?

He decided to leave the community and study under Orochimaru to become stronger than his brother and kill him (Itachi). & He needed to be powerful enough to kill Itachi, so he joined Orochimaru to gain power and learn the new Jutsu. So he can exact vengeance on Itachi.

When Tobi (Obito) tells him a lie about how the leaf village ordered Itachi to slaughter the whole Uchiha clan, Sasuke feels compelled to revenge on the entire village for forcing his brother to commit such a heinous deed. & decided to demolish Leaf Village.

These two factors combine to make Sasuke evil. First, he desired to exact vengeance on his brother for the sake of his Clan and family at all costs. Then there’s Second, who learns about Itachi’s sacrifice of his entire Clan and family for the Village’s sake.


Sasuke’s persona has been portrayed in various ways, and readers and viewers have interpreted him in a variety of ways. Most people think of him as an antihero, but it’s up to the audience to determine for themselves. As far as one can tell, the author intended him to be an anti-hero.


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