Why Was Naruto Hated As A Kid? Plot Answer

Naruto grew up with hardly any positive encounters with humans because his town completely rejected him. Whether you want to know why was Naruto hated as a kid? for more information continue reading.

Why Was Naruto Hated As A Kid
Why Was Naruto Hated As A Kid?

Because Nine-Tailed Fox was locked within him as a child, Naruto was despised. Years earlier, the fox devastated Leaf Village before being imprisoned inside Naruto by the Fourth Hokage. People from the Leaf Village expressed their displeasure at Fox’s devastation of little Naruto. After assisting in the destruction of Pain, he was capable of winning the respect of the locals. Naruto’s abundance of chakra can be attributed to the Tailed Beast.


Naruto Discovers Why He Was Rejected As A Child.

The deceitful ninja Mizuki encourages Naruto to acquire a prohibited scroll in chapter 1. Before Naruto can deliver the scroll to the ninja, Iruka sensei is prepared to stop him.

Mizuki starts to play with Naruto and reveals the real reason why everyone despises him. Iruka begs the ninja to stop, but Mizuki spills the beans on the biggest secret. He mentioned the earlier occurrence when the Nine-Tailed Fox destroyed the Leaf Village. Mizuki claims that everyone in the community was made aware of the decision, except little Naruto.

According to the rule, nobody is allowed to ever reveal to Naruto that he is the Fox Devil who devastated the village. The residents of Leaf Village view Naruto as the person responsible for shattering their households and village life. Mizuki says that the Tailed Beast was imprisoned inside of Naruto by the Fourth Lord Hokage.

Mizuki keeps calling Naruto nasty names. He claims that because the village has avoided Naruto almost since birth, the character has never known parental affection. Not love but attentiveness was the best that Naruto might hope for. As long as someone was paying close attention to him, he remained open to any critique.


So there you have it. Naruto was despised as a child because he possessed the Nine-Tailed Fox. The fox devastated the village before being imprisoned within Naruto by the Fourth Hokage. People of the Leaf Village vented their rage over Fox’s demise on Naruto.


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