Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan?

Did Sasuke lose him Rinnegan Permanently? One of the most disturbing event for the Boruto fans. Continue reading to know the facts.

Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan
Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan?

Sasuke and Naruto believed they would be in the home stretch after a bloody battle with Jigen. Sasuke’s eye, however, was lost due to an unexpected event. Does Sasuke lose his Rinnegan for good?

Yes, Sasuke does forfeit his Rinnegan forever. Momoshiki stabs Sasuke’s Rinnegan and smashes it while inhabiting Boruto’s body. Sasuke acknowledges because he’s no longer able to utilize his eye. To transport the gang away from a battle, Kawaki and Boruto utilize their Karma.


Sasuke Realizes He Would Lose His Rinnegan Forever:

Naruto awakens in chapter #55 while using Baryon Mode. Kurama offered himself as a commitment for the Baryon Mode to work. After Momoshiki absorbed Boruto’s consciousness, Sasuke also misplaced his Rinnegan.

Momoshiki was unarmed by the team after they deceived him into ingesting some chakra. When he did, Boruto could get a hold of his body by using that relatively small amount of chakra. Momoshiki’s horn was split in half by Boruto, breaking the possession. They’ll have to rely on their Karma to discover a route home, Kawaki tells Boruto. They could only cross dimensions safely owing to Sasuke’s Rinnegan-teleportation, and Momoshiki’s devastation of the Rinnegan was rapid and unrepairable. I’m no longer able to use my Rinnegan, Sasuke declares.

Given that he merely expresses the truth, he doesn’t want Boruto to feel terrible. Getting away with a triumph and their lives untouched is all that counts because everyone in the group was ready to meet their ends. To aid Boruto in forgiving himself, Kawaki mentions that Sasuke is cool with it. Boruto refuses this but out of shame, tries to relocate the group away using his own Karma. 

So there you have it. After Momoshiki targets his Rinnegan, Sasuke loses it for good. He could no longer use his eye and any of its associated abilities.


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