Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan Form (Explained)

In this segment, we’ll present you with more information about Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan form. In addition to being different from previous Founding Titan forms, Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan persona was indeed incredibly bizarre and horrifying.

Ereren Yeager's Founding Titan Form (Explained)
Ereren Yeager’s Founding Titan Form (Explained)

Eren Yeager, a significantly more complex character in the Attack on Titan drama, serves as the basis for the plot of Hajime Isayama’s animated series. The fact that Eren once held three of the Nine Titans—the Assaulting Titan, the War Hammer Titan, and even the Founding Titan—stands out in addition to his significance to the plot. The Founding Titan represents the most specialized among them all, yet this article will tell you all there is to discover about Eren’s Founding Titan form. The great detail of Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan is largely due to the context of its revelation. In particular, Eren had already been executed when the Founding Titan first appeared. It was necessary to connect Eren’s skull to his body. Therefore the Founding Titan’s spine acted as the framework, resulting in a creature mostly comprised of bones.

Eren’s Founding Titan Height

We know that Titans are frequently enormous, and they are undoubtedly far taller than the average person. One of the larger Titans, the Founding Titan, does indeed have a staggering base height of 13 meters, or 43 feet. While we can see that Eren’s Founding Titan was much taller, this now depicts the basic form. Regretfully, Isayama never actually revealed the height of Eren’s Founding Titan public. Thus we are unaware of it. This shouldn’t be that shocking, considering that Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan form’s height is unknown.

What makes the Founding Titan of Eren so large?

The disproportionate size of Eren’s Founding Titan is due to a very unique and uncommon reason. For instance, if we go back to the beginning, while Ymir Fritz had not yet become the Founding Titan, we would still see that possibly the Founding Titan was born anytime the Titan’s spine connected with Ymir’s body, causing Ymir to grow in size. You can judge independently that Eren’s Founding Titan seems like a remorseless killer, as opposed to the Titan, which had a monster-like appearance but still was, in fact, a human figure.

Why Is the Eren’s Founding Titan Nothing More Than Bones?

The solution to this question is simply a continuation of the previous one as they are so conceptually similar to each other. The totality of Eren’s Founding Titan’s body, notably, was taken up by its spine. Eren’s Founding Titan form was slightly more distinctive than that of most prior Titans, and therefore possessor’s physique also functions as the Titan’s body’s framework. Throughout this case, the Titan’s body was constructed around the spine, which connected Eren’s severed head to his body. This illustrates why the spine developed thick and how Eren’s Founding Titan ended up being made of bones.

Why would Grisha choose Eren to be the Founding Titan?

The Reiss family stayed in the underwater dungeon beneath the chapel, at which Founding Titan had already been handed through the generations, as soon as they learned well about an assault on the Shiganshina District. Grisha begged Frieda to use the Founding Titan to liberate the citizens living in the Wall surfaces while introducing himself as an Eldian but also Ymir’s slave. Grisha evolved further into Aiming to assault Titan and fought Frieda’s Founding Titan in combat out of a sense of obligation to uphold his commitment to Kruger. Because of her stupidity, Frieda was easily defeated by Grisha, who then engulfed her, gained her energy, and destroyed her. Grisha first slaughtered Frieda, then turned his attention to the Reiss family, where he murdered everyone other than Rod, who was able to escape, but Historia was left behind. Eventually, Grisha returned to Wall Rose. in search of his parents. Mikasa and Eren, his adopted children, were found, but he also learned that Carla, his wife, had actually been assassinated. Grisha entrusted his son Eren Yeager with the initial task of providing him with the Titan mutation potion and leaving him on his own in the wilderness.

Before we wrap up this essay, we’ll provide you with a brief rundown of the establishing Titan’s primary powers, which makes it the strongest potent of the titans.

Titan Creation

Owing to the Founding Titan, Eldians have the capacity to grow as large as the Colossal Titan. With the aid of this knowledge, King Karl Fritz constructed the Walls, a massive collection of 50-meter Titans. Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan has the ability to transform Eldians becoming Titans by snarling at the victim and injecting them with his spinal fluid. It can be presumed that Founding Titan’s method is largely similar because Zeke’s Beast Titan is claimed to have skills comparable to those demonstrated by the Beast Titan.

Titan Command

The Founding Titan grants its users total control well over Titans, allowing them to command them to carry out practically any request. This must have been demonstrated by Eren Yeager, who mistakenly ordered nearby Titans to attack and devour Dina Fritz’s Titan as well as the Armored Titan. King Karl deployed it to establish the Barriers as well, commanding a large number of 50-meter Titans would strengthen their bones and surround themselves throughout the emerging structures. Over even a couple of centuries ago, Ymir Fritz made the unprovable claims that he had wielded Titan Power to perform good deeds for the former Realm of Eldia. There exists no recorded limit to the power of the Founding Titan, despite the fact that its impact is so extensive that it forces the Titans to engage in actions that put their individual safety in jeopardy. The Founding Titan might possibly slaughter all Titans, according to Rod Reiss, if used to its maximum capacity.

Memorization Tricks

One or perhaps more Eldians’ memories can be changed or erased by the individuals who bear the Founding Titan King Karl, as well as his disciples, who have been the only individuals residing inside the Wall surfaces which appear to be conscious of the truth regarding the External World. King Karl used it to force his residents to completely disregard the historic events that originated even before the Walls were constructed and Queen Frieda Reiss to seal Historia’s memories of her visits. Non-Eldian descendants of civilization, such as Barriers, also including Clan Ackerman fighters and noble homes, are thought to be resistant to such mind control because they were not part of heritage with the Eldian race of something similar to Wall surfaces.

Royal Bloodline Relationship

It has been asserted that just a member of the Reiss Family, and thus the former Fritz Family, will indeed be able to fully wield the Founding Titan. Furthermore, it seems to be that if the Founding Titan is retained even outside the royal household, the authority can be used if the owner is in physical contact with a royal member of the family. This occurred when Dinah Fritz’s gigantic palm was punched by Eren in order to unleash the power of the Founding Titan. Eventually, Eren’s shoulder reminds Rod and Historia Reiss of Grisha Yeager whenever they lay their fingers there. Meanwhile, attempting to just see the previous memories were unsuccessful when reaching out to touch Historia’s hands. Eren has considered if he would ever touch a Royal Blood Titan again; however, he has chosen not to bring up the idea in public for concern of jeopardizing Historia. Despite receiving the recollections of the world and also the power to rule the Titans, no Founding Titan of royal heritage has ever expressed a wish to end the threat of the Titans and restore humanity’s greatest freedom—even if they were done so just before receiving the jurisdiction. This seems to be actually since these Founding Titans received the First Emperor’s perspective and memories. Frieda endured periods of madness and sadness as a consequence of these memories, and she believed that the Eldians had been criminals who had chosen their destiny.

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