ls Hinata Dead And How Did She Die?

If you had missed a few episodes on Boruto you might be wondering “is Hinata dead and how did she die?” Read further to find out more.

ls Hinata Dead And How Did She Die?
ls Hinata Dead And How Did She Die?

Countless admirers were stunned when they heard about the passing of a well-liked Naruto figure. But Naruto had never been the most reasonably considered plotted story. Even though Boruto has acknowledged her demise, there are still a lot of hypotheses about how she died. In Boruto, Hinata passes away, yet she is still alive in Naturo. When Konoha is destroyed, she loses her life defending her spouse and son. While safeguarding Boruto, Hinata and Naruto vanish simultaneously. She survives Pain’s attacks in Naruto because she was reborn and rehabilitated. This may seem difficult because of how many episodes there are in Naruto, which happens frequently. But don’t worry, everything you really ought to know is right here.


Personalities like Hinata, Sasuke, and Kakashi perish in Boruto because the main character needs to experience discomfort and suffering to remain alive. Well, then, why did Hinata pass away in Boruto?

She is adorable and gentle, and she holds a strong emotional relationship with her son Boruto. Because of these factors, as well as the fact that she had always supported him while Naruto went abroad when Kawaki or another person murdered her, his kid would experience furious feelings.

Suffering did not take away her life in episode 168. If she had passed away, Sakura wouldn’t have needed to treat her. Only after Hinata had already been wounded by Pain was she healed. During that period, countless deaths occurred and then were raised from the dead. Due to their rebirth, Kakashi, Shizune, and Fukasaku did not require medical care. Therefore, Hinata never passed away. She tells Naruto in Season 8’s episode 168 the fact that she cherished him her entire life and would sacrifice herself for him. Naruto transforms into his Nine-Tails form as Pain “kills” her. He defeats Pain, and Pain raises from the dead everyone who perished in his assault. Hinata was saved by Sakura when she brought her back; else, Hinata would already have surely perished.


Many followers thought that Byakugan, who’d been transplanted from Hinata within a week of her passing, was indeed the Jougan. In addition to this “thesis,” there are numerous other ones around nowadays, such as Hinata dying while guarding Boruto without Naruto there. Although Hinata’s passing may act as a stimulus for Boruto’s development, none of the fandom ideas has been proven. The anime for Boruto is still in its infancy. The individual in charge of his instruction will be Kawaki, who resides with Boruto and Naruto. The writers of Boruto appear to be preparing the way for a conflict between Boruto and Kawaki, with Kawaki eventually making a comeback like Sasuke. Kawaki is being taught by Naruto, in addition to helping him with daily tasks. Yet how does Hinata Hyuga fit into this? You must first comprehend the bond connecting Kushina Uzumaki and Obito Uchiha to comprehend the connection between Hinata and Kawaki. Obito was Minato Namikaze’s student, and you’ll be surprised to learn that Obito was the person who killed Kushina when Naruto entered the nation. Naturally, Naruto eventually played a role in Kushina’s demise since Obito was holding out for Kushina to become pregnant. The forecast suggests that Naruto and Hinata will experience the same outcome. If Konoha is fully demolished, Hinata will surely remain in the community. Hinata will use every effort to protect her spouse and her son Boruto. She will therefore meddle in the conflict similarly to how she did with Pain. But somehow, this time, when safeguarding Boruto, both Naruto and Hinata risk dying. Boruto has discovered a Byakugan and a cut above his right eye. As a consequence, we could infer that Hinata was the rightful owner of the Byakugan. This has been formally acknowledged. The plot requires to just have struggle and implications as the series progresses. After all, that is exactly what distinguishes a decent story. As an outcome, some personalities will pass away, and several others won’t have any sort of plot.


The pain never ended up killing Hinata. Only when Pain utilizes his Universal Push in Naruto Shippuden episode 166 does Hinata suffer a serious injury. As a consequence, Hinata lost consciousness, but after Sakura employed her healing Jutsu, she woke up. Hinata is completely healthy and shouldn’t pass away in the Boruto manga or anime. She will eventually pass away, nevertheless, to keep her kids safe while Naruto is away. Hinata was fortunate since Nagato was focused on Naruto so intensely that he didn’t even glance at her when he attacked her and overlooked an important area. And besides, that is the manga edition. In the anime, the mud obscured his vision, he was thinking about Naruto, and he didn’t even aim for anything significant. He barely missed. One of the most powerful people experiences it, right? On the contrary, hand, if it hadn’t been for the intervention of the medical staff, Hinata would have died.


Hinata is a previous successor to the Hyuga dynasty and a kunoichi. Because he didn’t think she could manage the responsibilities of managing the clan, never alone existence as a ninja, her dad disowned her. But Hinata insisted, and she recognized Naruto Uzumaki in specific a role model for assertiveness that she might emulate in addition to someone to look up to. As a Hyga, Hinata is the owner of the Byakugan, a Jutsu that allows her to see clearly in a roughly 360-degree circle around herself. Using it, she will assist the other Team 8 members with their monitoring and evaluation responsibilities by scanning the neighbourhood for their targets by focusing her eyes in one place, and she will indeed be able to:

By the end of The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata could see as much as 20 kilometres away. She can teach people how to create their own Byakugan so that their assaults will be just as precise, thanks to hers. The anime makes it clear that Hinata’s Byakugan has infrared vision. In the first episode, Boruto seems to have a wound above his left eye. We really shouldn’t know how, but he likely underwent some hazardous, covert training, similar to how Naruto spent 2.5 years with Impact on the viewer Sage. Another justification was that, like Naruto with Sasuke, he might have fled Konoha to meet Mitsuki. He could not have possessed the Byakugan alone because Himawari seems to be more on Hinata’s or the subsequent Byakugan Princess’s side, whilst he focuses more on Naruto’s. Boruto is not able to obtain the Byakugan as a consequence. The only other individual who could have handed it to him, if not Hinata, should have been Himawari, Hiashi, or Hanabi, but I doubt any of them would have been out when he injured his sight. Sadly, it is indicated that Hinata will undoubtedly be in the hamlet when Konoha is fatally murdered. Hinata will use every effort to protect her spouse and her son Boruto. She will therefore meddle in the conflict similarly to how she did with Pain. But somehow, this time, when rescuing Boruto, both Naruto and Hinata risk dying. Remember when Boruto was spotted with a Byakugan and a cut above his right eye? We can conclude that the Byakugan belongs to Hinata as a result.


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