How Does Yuji Itadori Get His Hand Back?

Yuji lost his left hand while battling a curse of a unique grade. How does Yuji Itadori receive his hand back after he is seen carrying it throughout the rest of the series?

How Does Yuji Itadori Get His Hand Back?
How Does Yuji Itadori Get His Hand Back?

After he allows Sukuna to take control, Yuji Itadori is able to maintain control of his hand. While attempting to block an assault from a particular grade cursed spirit, Sukuna regenerated Yuji’s hand back. And after the battle has over, the hand is still mended. Sukuna’s extremely high amount of cursed energy allowed him to re-grow Yuji’s hand. He accidentally healed it; he hadn’t intended to. In order to obtain greater command about his own cursed energy, Gojo later gives Yuji the advice to watch a movie.



Yuji detects a howl from another one of Fushiguro’s dogs at the conclusion of chapter #7. The howl indicates that Yuji can give Sukuna command of his body when everyone else has left the structure and is secure. During the battle with the special category Finger Bearer cursed spirit, he lost one of his hands. Beginning with chapter #8, Sukuna gains complete control of Yuji’s body. Sukuna understands that if he pursues Fushiguro, Yuji will probably end up taking his place. In order to prevent Yuji from switching back while he requires Sukuna’s energy, it is essential to attract the diseased spirit to supernatural powers. Sukuna’s suggestion doesn’t really seem to provoke a response from the special grade. Eventually, it attacks him directly. Sukuna utilizes his cursed energy to regenerate Yuji’s left hand and block the strike before it ever touches the target.

Sukuna adds, “Oops, I fixed this as well.

So there you have it. After swapping positions with Sukuna, Yuji Itadori seems to have been able to take back his hand. While Sukuna was trying to deflect a strike from a special grade curse, an increased degree of cursed energy helped Yuji’s hand re-grow.

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