Jiraiya’s death. How did Jiraiya die?

Jiraiya’s death was painful to watch for anime lovers. Jiraiya died during a mission to infiltrate a rain village to search for some information about Akatsuki. Continue reading the article to know more information

jiraiya death
Jiraiya death

The most painful thing is that someone we once looked up to isn’t there to amuse us anymore. One such painful moment is seeing the anime Naruto without Jiraiya. One of the most influential and people’s favorite characters from Naruto is Jiraiya. JIRAIYA being the mentor for the anime hero did a good job.

Jiraiya the sage:

Jiraiya who is also known as toad sage appeared first in the anime series to be the toughest mentor. His name toad sage was derived due to his training under great toad sage in the field of senjutsu. Enabling him to summon toads as allies during the battles.

Despite being the most beloved character from the anime. He is also known as pervy sage as we could see in his appearance as he was peeping through holes watching girls.

Jiraiya’s death:

Jiraiya died during a mission to infiltrate rain village to search for some information about Akatsuki. As pain deducts his entry to the village six paths of pain were summoned so that the toad sage could be stopped. As said, six paths overpower his sage mode which leads to his death.

Jiraiya’s battle with the six paths of pain severed him, his arm and his throat crushed which made Jiraiya understand that he has no other option, no escape and he has been implied by a volley of black chakra rods in his back multiple times. With a few of his last strengths, he wrote a coded message on fukasaku to the hidden leaf about his realization about defeating pain.

Jiraya’s death was shocking and made the anime watchers feel so sad. The episode where Jiraiya’s death happens is titled “THE TALE OF JIRAIYA THE GALLANT ” He is a legendary ninja as people said. He is one of the people who molded Naruto to be a powerful ninja and attempted to teach him how to control his Nine-tails power. And also he helped Naruto to master his signature attack which is known as “The Rasengan ”.

Naruto knowing sage’s death news:

As painful as death is mourning for the death. And painful goodbyes are the ones never said, Naruto comes to know about his mentor’s death in episode 152 titled “somber news” which is true that one of the influenced character deaths is being mourned by the protagonist. The news has been told to Naruto in the Hokage office by Tsunade.

Even though Jiraiya has been killed by six paths of pain, his body was nowhere to be found. The body has been tossed down a cliff and into the ocean below.

Jiraiya trained Nagota knowing he is destined for greater salvation or destruction and he is also a promising student of Jiraiya. But also not knowing he would be the one who is going to end his life.

Does Jiraiya get revived like other people who died:

No, Jiraiya didn’t get revived.

As the death of Jiraiya happened way too long ago from the time of pain reviving the people who died during his assault on the hidden village back to life, so Jiraiya couldn’t be able to get revived. Pain used the samsara of heavenly life technique to bring back those who died in the assault.

Is Jiraiya alive in Boruto 2020

No, Jiraiya wasn’t alive in Boruto 2020. Anyhow a clone of Jiraiya named “Koji Kashin” was created by a person who is the head of kara’s research and development division, called Amado. The clone appears in the 15th chapter for the first time in the Boruto manga.

Were Tsunade in love with Jiraiya:

Yes, but in a Platonic way. Two were teammates with Orochimaru who were all part of the three legendary sannin. Tsunade felt quite off about Jiraiya’s mission. And the thought was unfortunately right. The amount of grief she held for him made her more protective over others who is important to her.


Jiraiya’s death was anguishing:

Trees become stronger and stronger when their branches are slashed. Like that,  Jiraiya’s death was anguishing. Yet it was also his death that grew Naruto to be a powerful ninja as all fans know him. Jiraiya’s death has indeed been depressing not just for the anime protagonist but also for the anime watchers.


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