Why Did Itachi Kill his Clan?

Why Did Itachi Kill his Clan? Itachi, the firstborn child of the Uchiha clan lord, planned to slaughter his clan to save his younger brother. For more information continue reading.

Why Did Itachi Kill his Clan
Why Did Itachi Kill his Clan

Why Did Itachi Kill his Clan?

The Naruto anime series takes its time presenting the truth about Itachi Uchiha’s killing of his clan. Here’s how it played out.

This sequence of events impacted the fan’s sentiments toward Itachi. It began to fluctuate as the story proceeded and his character development proceeded. Let’s look at what happened before the Uchiha bloodbath and why Itachi massacred his clan.

Who is Itachi?

 Before delving into the Uchiha mass murder, we must first comprehend and explore Itachi. Itachi, the firstborn child of the Uchiha clan lord, was born as a formidable ninja, and many regarded him as the greatest of his generation. He observed countless horrors from a young age. The Third Shinobi World War was a momentous event that impacted him. After witnessing the horrors of war, he became a pacifist, and he set out to become the finest ninja imaginable. He wished for a better future in which all war and strife would be eradicated from the earth. He graduated from the Shinobi Academy early and was appointed captain of the Anbu at 11. Nonetheless, two years later, he planned to slaughter his whole clan, saving only his younger brother.

What happened to cause Itachi to slay the Uchiha’s?

From the beginning of Hidden Leaf Village, many people were wary of the Uchiha clan. In addition, Madara Uchiha’s insurrection against the Konoha village continued to instill dread and suspicion in the minds of so many. The village advisors grew concerned after the nine-tailed fox assault, which confirmed the Uchiha clan’s suspicions.

With anxieties mounting one after the other, the village chief resolved to confine the Uchiha clan to the community’s fringes. The Uchihas were enraged by this. Itachi’s father, the clan chief, enlisted his son in the Anbu black operations, where he began spying on the village and other clans in preparation for a coup. On the other hand, Itachi is already a spy for the village advisor Danzo. Itachi thought he was on the side of peace because of his double-agent position. Danzo was convinced that if the Uchihas were allowed to run wild, they would spark a new war.

Itachi remained loyal to Danzo by informing him about the family’s coup intentions. Danzo also duped Itachi into believing that the coup could not be halted without killing. He took Shisui’s eye, making Itachi unsure who he could trust. Danzo ultimately used Itachi’s anguish and blind trust to lead him into killing the Uchiha clan. Itachi’s major motivation was to avoid another Shiboi conflict and the deaths of many innocent civilians.


So, after all of these occurrences, the results were rather heinous, and Itachi sent Sasuke, the brother he spared, on a path of vengeance and revenge. He was convinced that only Sasuke could punish him for the atrocity he had committed. As a result, he wished for his brother Sasuke to become as powerful as possible to murder him. Sasuke left the town and began his journey to becoming stronger than Itachi to avenge the murder of his clan. As a result, Naruto embarked on his mission to grow stronger and reintegrate Sasuke into the community.

The Uchiha slaughter shaped Sasuke and Naruto into two of the most formidable Shinobi Konoha has ever seen. Sasuke tried to murder Itachi several times but was unsuccessful each time. The day came when Sasuke faced Itachi and proved himself capable of killing his brother. After murdering his brother, Sasuke discovered the true reason behind his brother’s purpose.

Following Itachi’s death, Sasuke and Naruto defeated Madara and Obito after Sasuke inherited all of Itachi’s abilities. Naruto and Sasuke protected the Shinobi world from the endless Tsukuyomi, who might have enslaved the whole world in a dream-like illusion by beating Madara and Obito. Suppose Itachi hadn’t spared his little brother and slaughtered the Uchiha clan. His sibling would never have acquired his talents or assisted Naruto in beating Madara and Obito.

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